Tuesday, September 21, 2010

who pooped the bed?

Thankfully that question cannot be answered by any member of the Green Bay Packers this week. It feels good. Enjoy it Mike McCarthy, Ted Thompson and gang. So who did poop the bed this week? Hmm. The Bears won, so it can't be them (gimme a week). The Lions lost to Mike Vick, but he has no soul and I don't blame them for not wanting to touch him. It's tough enough in Detroit without the undead meandering about, quarterbacking football teams and whatnot. So I'm giving them a pass.

That leaves Minnesota. Make no mistake, they earned it. The Dolphins fumbled twice with the game on the line. The Vikings had every opportunity to pull out a win they did not deserve, and they still couldn't do it. So this week they get the award. Here's some video from a post-game coaches meeting in which the brain trust over in Minny tried to figure out whose fault this loss was, check it out.

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