Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Nostradamus Predicts

I just got a fax from my pal Nostradamus. He picks The Pack over the Lions. The Vikings WON'T win this week, and the Bears will lose to the Giants of New York.
Oh, and he's NEVER wrong.

Monday, September 27, 2010

Friday, September 24, 2010

Escape Plan?

Been seeing some great articles about how Favre might be winding down. LOVE IT.

And another one HERE.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Monday Morning Headlines

Big win for the Pack, 2-0 is a nice place to be. Sadly everyones favorite Vikings lost again. That makes them 0-2...there's always next year, right?

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

who pooped the bed?

Thankfully that question cannot be answered by any member of the Green Bay Packers this week. It feels good. Enjoy it Mike McCarthy, Ted Thompson and gang. So who did poop the bed this week? Hmm. The Bears won, so it can't be them (gimme a week). The Lions lost to Mike Vick, but he has no soul and I don't blame them for not wanting to touch him. It's tough enough in Detroit without the undead meandering about, quarterbacking football teams and whatnot. So I'm giving them a pass.

That leaves Minnesota. Make no mistake, they earned it. The Dolphins fumbled twice with the game on the line. The Vikings had every opportunity to pull out a win they did not deserve, and they still couldn't do it. So this week they get the award. Here's some video from a post-game coaches meeting in which the brain trust over in Minny tried to figure out whose fault this loss was, check it out.

Friday, September 17, 2010

Up Next: Packers vs. Bills

This week we got an Eazy game, the Bills are coming to town. I'm guessing Rodgers will throw 3,000 touchdowns this Sunday.

BTW, did anyone else notice that Matthews actually had 3 sacks versus the Eagles. Amazing.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

View From Above

Here's a fantastic rendition of the key play of the game from our friends at the Journal.

Monday, September 13, 2010

Good Play of the Week

The Good Play of the Week goes to Clay Matthews III for his amazing game! 7 tackles, two sacks, and one forced fumble is not bad for a guy who didn't have much preseason action. Take that Favre.

Monday Morning Headlines

Great win yesterday for the Pack, although a bit sloppy it's always a pleasure starting off the season on the road with a win. Matthews looked amazing as usual, and Rodgers needed about 17 more touchdowns to live up to my high expectations of yesterdays game. Buffalo will give him a chance to pad those stats.

The Bears should have lost, bullshit call I might add. And it's always nice watching the Cowboys lose.

Monday, September 06, 2010

Warming UP!

Cheese and Packers is gonna do a ton of fun stuff for you this year. And yeah, more pics C and P style. Here's Rodgers warming up for the big game this week:

Friday, September 03, 2010

Great Expectations

No pressure, but the reviews are in...looks like this year is a lock!

Wednesday, September 01, 2010

Nick Barnett is cooler than I thought

I've always liked Nick. I've even defended his swordplay antics to friends, even though I know it's pretty ridiculous. Now don't get me wrong, actual swordplay is obviously very cool. Whether it's an old school broadsword or an even older schooled samurai they're all pretty amazing in my eyes. I mean, they're swords. There's something terrifying about them because there is no mystery as to what they're intended for, they're pointy and they are really, really good at separating parts of you from other parts of you. So yeah, anyway, I like swords.*

What I was trying to get to is that while real swords are cool, pretending you have a sword is another thing entirely. It's tough to defend these sorts of actions. Although, to be honest, when compared to things like Jared Allen's cowrope deal it's impossibly cool. Pretending to have a sword out is kinda childish... but fun. Pretending to rope cattle is um, what exactly? Pretending to work? With large animals? I don't get it. I'm guessing it's a metaphor for Jared's obvious infatuation with 80s hair metal band Poison. I think we all agree on that don't we?

I signed up on the Twitter last year because I needed something inconspicuous to read while pooping at work. Twitter on a blackberry is pretty much perfect for that scenario. In case you were wondering. I can't be the guy who brings in the paper, or prints out an article on company paper, that's just bad driving. My goals were pretty limited as far as Twitter goes is what I'm trying to say, but I gotta' say I'm digging it. Nick Barnett is one reason why.

His tweets aren't amazing or anything, but they're consistent, they're funny and they give us a small insight into a player's mind. I dig it. For some reason he sends tweets about waking up every morning, he apologized for his late hit out of bounds in the colts game a week ago and he seems to have a great attitude.

Some of the other players have some entertaining stuff too. I'm following most of the guys on the team. Rodgers is interesting when he actually posts something. Clay Matthews is good too. I'm not gonna lie, I have no idea what's going on with Jermichael Finley's tweets. It's like walking into the middle of a conversation at a party. It's loud, it's confusing, and I just sit there stupidly taking it all in.

Nick is cool. Let's support him. Check out his website. There's a t-shirt in it for you if you've got $10 and would like to look 1% cooler than you normally do. It's also good superbowl hype and who doesn't enjoy that sort of thing? So check it out.

mf nelsen

* I realize Harry Potter fans are probably all confused with the whole sword diatribe. They can suck it. I grew up watching lightsabers, conan the barbarian broadswords and martial arts movies (even the American Ninja series, and it obviously sucked). You can't possibly expect me to be impressed by a couple of dorks pointing twigs at each other. Get a real weapon. Crazy kids. And get off my lawn.