Thursday, October 22, 2009

Mmm Cupcakes

We're wrapping up our string of 3 cupcakes in 4 weeks here with the Browns and I've gotta say, I'm ok with that. Bad teams exist to make good teams look great and mediocre teams look competent. It's sort of like the Dakotas. Whenever Iowa's down in the dumps they just have to look to the northwest and suddenly everything is all right.

I'm happy the Pack resigned Ahman Green this week. He's not a savior, but he might be another useful piece. I don't know what he's got left in the tank but he seems like a reliable guy who just wants to play. More importantly, he moved back to Green Bay because he liked it there. How many athletes can you say that about? Green Bay is home to Ahman, and I'm happy he's back.

Not just because this is a touching story about a guy who clearly has a good vibe with the town either. The Packers have struggled mightily A) running the ball, B) completing passes to running backs and C) protecting the quarterback. Ahman can help in all of those areas. He's not going to be great. If he was he wouldn't have been available, but he can pick up a blitzer. He can catch a swing pass and pick up a first down. I dunno, I just like the choice. His knee may burst into a thousand little pieces in practice this week and this post will be embarrassing for me, but heck, I just like the feeling right now so I'm going with it. Shh. Just let it happen.

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