Friday, October 02, 2009

Forget Brett

We here at Cheese and Packers have worked hard to force feed our opinions on you, and why should our thoughts on Favre be any different. To me it's pretty simple. Once a player has left the organization he is dead to me, unless he spreads "good will" for the Pack. If that player goes to another team, he deserves something worse than death. He (or she) now plays for the competition, therefore why would you root for him? I'll field all comments now.

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Anonymous said...

Since you ask for comments, let me put my 2cents in. Favre wanted to play for the Packers & asked to come back from retirement.Green Bay management told him "No" then proceeded to mess with his ability to earn a living. If your boss let you go & then prevented you from working where you had the best opportunity I bet you would sing a different song. So I say stick it up GB management's A$$ & I hope Favre takes another team to the Superbowl & wins.I want Packer management to burn! This was a bad decision & for any fans who support that bad decision you'll look foolish along with your beloved management.