Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Are we on?

Is it just me or does this football season feel like it's just starting this week? Maybe it's the early bye, maybe it's all the stupid prime time games which makes my wife ask me why we're investing in the Sunday Ticket if they're just gonna' be on every week anyway and then I get all angry about having to defend a totally indefensible financial decision and boom, I start thinking about baseball to distract myself...from football. Not the other thing we gentlemen have to use baseball to distract ourselves from.

I'm all fires up though. I don't really know why, but I am. In part it's because Tauscher is back. I don't think he's a savior (though he looks like Jesus after a couple Culver's butterburgers), but I trust him. He's been around for nigh on a decade at this point and has given up fewer sacks than Allen Barbre has in 4 weeks on the job. Ok, that's unfair, but c'mon, we're coming off an 8 sack week.

I'm happy to hear that Chad Clifton is on the mend too. I don't know what that means exactly because he's had so many surgeries at this point his next one ends up with him looking like Robocop but I'll take it. Colledge didn't seem to compete much in his time out there on the island so I'll take Clifton and his cybernetic parts any day of the week, and once on Sunday (at 12pm to be exact).

Also, for reasons that only make sense to me after a couple glasses of Bulleit bourbon (neat, thank you very much) I'm geeked for the return of Atari Bigby. Remember the final month of 2007 and the playoff run? Remember Bigby becoming the epitome of "footsteps" that opposing receivers heard before having the ball, their face, and their spine rearranged? Remember that guy? That guy can help. Not sure if the current Atari Bigby can have the same impact as that guy, but if he can we'll be much better off.

So keep your chin up kids. We've got two gimmes this week. The two teams we lost to are a combined 9-1 or something. This isn't a bad team we're watching. And it just might, just may be, a really good team. Ever since the switch to the 3-4 I was just hoping that we could get through the first half of the season without too much trouble and hopefully the fellas would start to play that snarling, nasty D we see in Baltimore and Pittsburgh most weeks. These next two games should see us through to a 4-2 record and get our guys the reps they need to improve. This could be fun.

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