Friday, October 30, 2009

What is left to say?

We're just a couple days away from a different world. Things are changing in front of us, things that were put into motion more than a year ago, and all we can do at this point is to sit back and hope for the best. Our prayers may not matter, but we say them anyway. No matter what happens we can't pretend it won't rock our worlds. I don't know if I'm ready for it, and yet I can't wait for it happen. It's an odd thing. It's just another day in my life, but I have no idea what it will be like.

We hear all the time about preparation. We watch shows breaking down how it's all supposed to work. We listen to podcasts and wonder if the hosts are crackpots, prophets or something in between. Ah, who am I kidding, they're always on one side of the spectrum or the other. Never the middle. The middle is a valley where ratings go to die. I asked my wife tonight who she was listening to on the news talk radio and her response was perfect, "the angry guy". We listen anyway, learn nothing, and hope for the best.

We know that folks from our past, family even, will be in town soon. There's a lot of love there. A lot of pain too. But we're getting together for the right reasons. We're getting together to celebrate this new thing that's just around the corner. None of us know how it'll impact us, whether decisions made will be full of joy or tears, or both. And the fear, we always carry with us the fear. So what does that mean? Can we talk about the fear? No, not yet. Wait til after.

After. When we're exhausted. When all the things we've been dreaming about finally start happening. When the tears and sweat have been wiped away by loved ones. When a cramped, too hard chair seems like an oasis to disappear in for a while. That's when we'll deal with the fear, deal with all of the unnecessary things that we've paced the floor thinking about for the past however many months. It'll be good. Like Christmas morning for a 10 year old.

I should probably clarify wife is pregnant with our first child. A girl by all accounts. She's due this week. I'm terrified and excited and can't wait to count all the toes and fingers and listen to her cry and hold her in my hands. I'm just thankful that there's a football game on to distract me from all the anxiousness and waiting. The game doesn't really matter, but I'll pretend it does just so I can make believe one last time that I don't have a lot of responsibility hovering squarely over my shoulders.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Nice Pic and Good Play of Week 7

Quickly replacing Finely, Havner bumbled 40 some yards into the endzone and into my heart with the Good Play of the week! Also, some Steeler dude picked off Favre, thus ending his magical run of impossible wins by an improbable quarterback. Nice pic!

Monday Morning Headlines

What a win huh! Okay, so the Brown's aren't the most amazing team ever. But come on, a win's a win. And the Vikings and Bears lost, what's better than that? NOTHING.

Also, I like how the St. Paul Pioneer press has the Viking loss in small print at the top.

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Mmm Cupcakes

We're wrapping up our string of 3 cupcakes in 4 weeks here with the Browns and I've gotta say, I'm ok with that. Bad teams exist to make good teams look great and mediocre teams look competent. It's sort of like the Dakotas. Whenever Iowa's down in the dumps they just have to look to the northwest and suddenly everything is all right.

I'm happy the Pack resigned Ahman Green this week. He's not a savior, but he might be another useful piece. I don't know what he's got left in the tank but he seems like a reliable guy who just wants to play. More importantly, he moved back to Green Bay because he liked it there. How many athletes can you say that about? Green Bay is home to Ahman, and I'm happy he's back.

Not just because this is a touching story about a guy who clearly has a good vibe with the town either. The Packers have struggled mightily A) running the ball, B) completing passes to running backs and C) protecting the quarterback. Ahman can help in all of those areas. He's not going to be great. If he was he wouldn't have been available, but he can pick up a blitzer. He can catch a swing pass and pick up a first down. I dunno, I just like the choice. His knee may burst into a thousand little pieces in practice this week and this post will be embarrassing for me, but heck, I just like the feeling right now so I'm going with it. Shh. Just let it happen.

Ahman's Back!

It's not very often when you can make a wish and it can come true two years later! Ahman Green is back, and he'll probably be slower than ever! But, right now, we need some kind of spark in the running game, and if Darrel Thompson isn't ready to make his comeback, I welcome Ahman with arms wide open. Here's an old post when Ahman left us for greener pastures.

It looks like his rainbow has led him back home.

Monday, October 19, 2009

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Are They Forcing The Vikings Down Our Throats?

Last week they moved the rematch of the Packers Vikings game to a later start time, making sure that everyone in America will be able to watch it. And now, look at what they are doing.

Now to be fair, there are some pretty stinky options for games at that time slot. But still, I'm keeping an eye on The Man...he's up to something.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Are we on?

Is it just me or does this football season feel like it's just starting this week? Maybe it's the early bye, maybe it's all the stupid prime time games which makes my wife ask me why we're investing in the Sunday Ticket if they're just gonna' be on every week anyway and then I get all angry about having to defend a totally indefensible financial decision and boom, I start thinking about baseball to distract myself...from football. Not the other thing we gentlemen have to use baseball to distract ourselves from.

I'm all fires up though. I don't really know why, but I am. In part it's because Tauscher is back. I don't think he's a savior (though he looks like Jesus after a couple Culver's butterburgers), but I trust him. He's been around for nigh on a decade at this point and has given up fewer sacks than Allen Barbre has in 4 weeks on the job. Ok, that's unfair, but c'mon, we're coming off an 8 sack week.

I'm happy to hear that Chad Clifton is on the mend too. I don't know what that means exactly because he's had so many surgeries at this point his next one ends up with him looking like Robocop but I'll take it. Colledge didn't seem to compete much in his time out there on the island so I'll take Clifton and his cybernetic parts any day of the week, and once on Sunday (at 12pm to be exact).

Also, for reasons that only make sense to me after a couple glasses of Bulleit bourbon (neat, thank you very much) I'm geeked for the return of Atari Bigby. Remember the final month of 2007 and the playoff run? Remember Bigby becoming the epitome of "footsteps" that opposing receivers heard before having the ball, their face, and their spine rearranged? Remember that guy? That guy can help. Not sure if the current Atari Bigby can have the same impact as that guy, but if he can we'll be much better off.

So keep your chin up kids. We've got two gimmes this week. The two teams we lost to are a combined 9-1 or something. This isn't a bad team we're watching. And it just might, just may be, a really good team. Ever since the switch to the 3-4 I was just hoping that we could get through the first half of the season without too much trouble and hopefully the fellas would start to play that snarling, nasty D we see in Baltimore and Pittsburgh most weeks. These next two games should see us through to a 4-2 record and get our guys the reps they need to improve. This could be fun.

Monday, October 12, 2009

Jack Black...I Mean Mark Tauscher Signs

Mark Tauscher signed today, that's a good thing, right? Here's the article.

Enough About Me, Tell Me How You're Feeling

Okay, so the Pack is off to a slow start this year, who really cares! What I want to know about how how much you think Packers fans are silly. We're so silly! Here are two examples:

Perhaps playing for a rival team has soured my personal relationship with my feelings on Favre. Thanks for caring!

Oh, here is a good one. This one could be from a turncoat Packer fan. Hold up, that Viking bandwagon is on the move!

That's right, it's the evil owners of the Packers to blame for this one, damn Ted! You drove Favre away! Wait, but I'm a shareholder. I have no one to blame but the man in the mirror.

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Chuck Cecil's "Nice Pic" of the day

The Rams rookie LB James Laurinaitis picks off everyone's favorite Favre. Nice pic! Nice throw!

Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Majikman's "Good Play" of the Week!

Not a lot of good to show from the big game, but here is Majikman's "Good Play" of the game. Clay Matthews thieved Adrian Petterson's ball and ran it back for a touchdown. Take that Favre!

P.S. note the amazing hair.

Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Anyone Else Think That Was Fun?

Oh what a great game between the Pack and the Vikes. Next time I'll do what the Pack did and not show up. Here's a thought: Get in a time machine and bring back Sherman. At least he had a great o-line and a great defense, not to mention a great quarterback, zing! But really, if there are any Packer fans left that are still rooting for Favre, I blame you for this loss. And since the Vikings love using things that used to be ours, I offer up our stadium for their home games and our great beer. (The beer is no longer good, it's full of my tears).

Monday, October 05, 2009

Monday Night Football Tonight-Pack vs. Queens

For those of you who live under a hole, there is a big game tonight. Big game for those of you who fall for the ESPN hype machine, nope, not me. I'm not falling for it. I'm taking Aaron Rodgers stance on this one. It's the fourth game of the year, and many more to go. With that said, I do hope they break Favre's kneecaps.

Friday, October 02, 2009

Forget Brett

We here at Cheese and Packers have worked hard to force feed our opinions on you, and why should our thoughts on Favre be any different. To me it's pretty simple. Once a player has left the organization he is dead to me, unless he spreads "good will" for the Pack. If that player goes to another team, he deserves something worse than death. He (or she) now plays for the competition, therefore why would you root for him? I'll field all comments now.