Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Aaaaaannnnnd we're back

Sorry I sort of missed a couple games there. And the offseason. I missed that (though I wouldn't say I really "missed it" if you know what I'm saying). Life's been a little hectic lately. Lady MF is 8 months preggers and apparently that means that I have to give her foot massages for roughly 19 hours a week. I haven't been able to type, I've been on the PUP list. Of course I don't have to create a human being and then try to shove said human being out of the fly on my jeans so I guess that's a fair trade off.

I've got some concerns about the Packers. I'll say that. Between our safeties and our O-linemen giving up safeties it's a little scary. I understand that Antwan Odom deserves some credit but uh, he's been in the league 6 years. No one I've spoken to has ever even heard of him. Heck, my buddy who is an actual Bengals fan (they exist!) didn't even know who he was. So yeah, you only get so much credit Antwan. Frankly I think he had a Quantum Leap moment and Scott Bakula jumped into his body and took over and got 5 sacks so that somewhere in an Alabama swamp Antwan's long lost sister would hear about it, see him on Sportscenter and reunite the family.

On a side note has anyone seen Quantum Leap recently? That show does NOT hold up. Whew. Loved it as a kid, not so much now. In a related note, I apparently was an idiot as a child.

I think they'll bounce back. I think we'll be 5-2. I'd give a full season prediction but I got busy at work and that's all the further that I researched. Blame my boss and his ridiculous time requirements. He's already getting me to work 70% of the time I'm there, I don't know what more he could expect. Outrageous.

So hang in there Packers fans. We'll be ok. This team is gonna bust out of the offensive funk they've been in. This team is going to find someone other than Chuck Woodson to make a tackle every once in a while. Our competition includes a Bears team that should finish around 6-10 and a Vikings squad that hired a guy (Favre) for one reason, to win in the playoffs. Mind you, this guy has kinda blown in playoff games for nigh on a decade at this point. I love him, but that's the truth. Let's not sweat it too much.

He didn't win it all when Ahman Green put up nearly 1,900 yards on the ground, 20 TDs and a total of more than 2,200 yards all told back in 2003, why is he going to do it at 40 years old with Adrian Peterson? AP may rush for 2,000 yards this year, are you telling me the extra 120 yards spread out over 16 games is that big of a difference? There's a thinker for ya.

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Coach Carl said...

I agree with the assessment of the vikes. No matter WHO is under center-they'll find a way to screw it up. This year-"AD" Peterson isn't setting records every week, and that vaunted mn defense has a few leaks in it. Toss in an O-line that can't pass block(9 sacks in 3 games on a nearly 40 year-old body) and their road to Miami is far from easy. Really other than a couple of decisive plays in each game-they COULD as easily be 0-3 as 3-0...time and karma WILL catch this bunch of pretenders...