Monday, November 03, 2008

What was that?

Forgive me for questioning the preparedness of our favorite football team while I'm writing this a day late for being...unprepared. I spent a good deal of yesterday afternoon yelling at my tv and spent the evening yelling at my interweb router.

For the past few years me and the missus have been a one computer household. That one computer being an old Gateway laptop that is somehow kicking even after 3 years of grad school abuse, hundreds of posts and one totally awesome virus that made all the guys at Geek Squad think that I spend a lot of time on "those" types of sites.

So anywho, I set up the new desktop computer to go along with the ancient, cracked laptop and provide some versatility and two computer awesomeness for the whole family. Now when the wife actually has to use the computer for work I don't have to log off the fantasy football site. Also, after swearing that I would never get another Gateway because the cooling fan in these things sounds like a flipping 747 jet engine, I ended up with a Gateway desktop that also has a ridiculously loud and obnoxious cooling fan. Of course the desktop was free.

And of course the new computer shouldn't have caused much of a problem but my router decided that it wasn't doing more work for the same pay and shut down for a while. I then declared war on the router and, after way too much time explaining to Josh at tech support that the dsl modem was fine but the router was not I finally got things rolling again. But by then I was very sleepy.

Anyway, about the game. The Titans are an interesting team. And by "interesting" I mean "completely devoid of interest". They are, undoubtedly, the most average and least impressive 8-0 team I've ever seen. They do nothing exceptionally well (aside from Jeff Fisher's 'stache of course). They just do nothing exceptionally poorly either.

The Packers should have won this game by two touchdowns. I'll take bold and talented any day over solid and average, and the Packers are bold and talented. But there was something missing on game day, something that jumped out as soon as I heard it, and it pretty much sums up this loss for me.

That "something" lead to the bizarre handling of the timeouts late in the game. You remember, the early timeout when the Titans had the ball with a minute and a half to go? That one that should never have been called? Sure, Rob Bironas was kind enough to miss the kick at the end of regulation, but we should have lost at that point and we all know it. All because we gave them an extra timeout.

That "something" also figured into the game plan that seemed to say "Hey Titans, we're gonna give Aaron Rodgers a 2 step drop and then he's all yours" on more than one play. I understand that sometimes the playcall can get away with letting a blitzer come free, but 4 or 5 times a game?

The players seemed to be on the ball, other than a pair of Rodgers' turnovers late in the game and a few dropped INTs by the secondary I thought they came to play. The obvious "something" that lost this one for us? Mike III had a baby a couple of days ago. Apparently he didn't get much sleep because his playcalls, his bizarre drive to "go for it" without any rhythm for the game, his timeout choices, they all seem like something a very, very tired man would do. Or Mike Sherman. He did this stuff all the time. Now he coaches a minor league (college) team.

Coach Mike III, please get some rest.

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