Tuesday, October 07, 2008

This Weeks Awesome Awards-Pack vs. Falcons

Tough game tough game. Let's break it down and see how the Pack rates this week.

Rodgers played with pain, and that's most awesome. Three touchdowns and one pick...if he only had the ball in his hands at the end of the game it would have ended much better.

Running Back:
Grant played okay for the first time all season. He actually had some burst of speed. I see potential!

Jennings and Driver were good as usual. And who was that tight end in the Sterling Sharpe jersey?

Can our defense be anymore lame?

Special Teams:
Not lovin' you guys either. If Crosby can hit bells on top of a church why can't he make a field goal? And our punter blows.

McCarthy improved, but come on, losing to the Falcons at home? What is this, the playoffs?

All hail the kings of the New South...you can have it.

Weeeee. Look at us at 2-3 and tied for almost last. At least I'll be able to watch next weeks game in person to either see the season turn around or witness it's demise.

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