Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Pack vs. Colts-Awesome Awards

What a game! Let's break it down to find out what was truly awesome about this game.

Rodgers was perfect once again. Cool, calm, and totally awesome dude. He plays with pain like Romo has a dumb name.

Come on, these guys were great. But to be super awesome you really got to earn it. If Jennings had 14 touchdowns then I would be impressed.

Running Backs:
This might be a stretch, but finally Grant found the end zone. And he looked a little better, right?

Two huge touchdowns for our defense and they shut Manning down. Now if we could just shut off the ugly stick on his face.

Special Teams:
Didn't Crosby miss a field goal and an onside kick? Ah....who cares. Victory!

Mix Master Mike did a perfect coaching job this week. He out foxed one of the lamest Viking coaches in history. He did coach for them, right?

Peyton Manning:
This guys knee sack must be killin' him cause he looks like Mario out there.

Lambeau Field Crowd:
Wow. Finally I hear some real noise from the fans. Keep it up and perhaps our home field will become a factor again. Kinda like the Thunder Dome, but without all of the hillbilly fans.

Great game Pack! As long as we don't lose next week I'll be fine.

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