Monday, October 27, 2008

Now we get to find out what the Williams Wall was made of

Pat Williams and Kevin Williams, the "Williams Wall" have both been caught taking pills known as masking agents for steroids. A 4 game suspension is likely, once they have a chance at appeal. We know the appeal will fail because the Vikings two specialties have always been losing and cheating. If you had gone with sucking and blowing as their two specialties that also would have been accepted.

Jay Glazer reported the story first for Fox but I prefer the local Minnesota reaction from the Star Tribune. Perhaps my favorite aspect of this is that so many Vikings fans hate Brad Childress as their coach that they're happy this is happening. The assumption being that Brad will lose all 4 games and finally get himself fired.

You can check out the local reaction here. For all of the concerns about Mike III and Teddy T I must say I'm pretty happy with these two when I get to read about the ongoing massacre of common sense that the Vikings braintrust engineers with every decision they make. I honestly think living in a town where the Packers are #1.5 is helpful because if all Packer fans compared our GM and coach to the local 11 they'd have a 100% satisfaction rating.

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