Friday, September 12, 2008

Vote Cheese and Packers!

You may have noticed some pretty awesome images on our site lately. If you haven't, then start! MF and I have entered a Packer fan contest for Penske Trucks to create the most bad-ass commercial, and the winner gets to go to the last Packer game of the year. So Cheese and Packers fans, it's time to step up! Vote for us and help us achieve greatness, we will love you for it.

Also, it's no coincidence that the two main characters look like us....right down to the facial hair and socks.

Go here to check out the contest and vote for commercial 5, that's us!



Anonymous said...

Absolutely hilarious !!

Great promo...that Penske guy would have to be a moron to not pick THIS commercial !!!

Anonymous said...

Hey guys, great job on the commercial. Got my vote. But I have to say that #5 with the brats is a very close second. Good luck!

Majikman said...

Thanks for your support guys. Bratsnbeerguy...we are the number five spot, you must mean the spot after the one we did, spot six.

Thanks for voting!

MF said...

I would never wear white socks up to my knees like that. I leave that to my dad.