Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Pack Vs. Vikings- Winners and Wieners

To celebrate our three year anniversary Cheese and Packers is mixin' it up a bit. Instead of our weekly Golden Mullet Awards, we will do the Winners and Wieners. Winners are good, Wieners are bad. Here is a picture of a's Cheese and Packers very own MF Pack.

Here is a wiener. That's bad. (It would be a different story if it was a Johnsonville brat!)

Here we go!

Pack Vs. Vikings-Winners and Wieners

Winner! Rodgers was perfect in a game with the whole world watching. Throwing for one touchdown and running another one it, that was great! And he had more rushing yards in his first start than Favre has had in years!

Running Back:
Winner! Even though Ryan Grant was a bit slow because of his injury, he looked great. I was not too pleased with Brandon Jackson though.

Winner! The receivers did well, but I would have loved to see some more YAC from our fellas.

Winner! They were solid enough, but there were some big drives that I didn't love. Great pressure on Jackson and that INT. at the end was killa.

Winner! Seemed a bit conservative in the coaching, but it was steady she goes in this win.

Vikings Defense:
Wieners! Where was the pressure and the spine in the back stuff we heard about all season? Not only did Allen not get a sack, he didn't even get a tackle.

Viking Fans:
Wieners! Nope, you're done! It's a long season, but hopefully it will be even longer for you. Hopefully you can get sold this year and move to Canada.

All in all, great start for the Pack. Now let's take this show to Detroit!


Anonymous said...

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Majikman said...

Sure why not. What do you have in mind?