Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Pack vs. Lions-Winners and Wieners

Pack vs. Lions Winners and Wieners:

Rodgers had another terrific game. Once again he managed the offense flawlessly and threw for three touchdowns. I didn't like the fumble though.

Running Backs:
Big Fat Wiener! Even though Jackson had a touchdown, what's missing is a real running threat. We got up early in the game, and Grant was too busy holding his millions to grind out the rest of the game. Lame.

Winner! We got four amazing receivers and I love them all equal. Except that Nelson guy....you can never trust a Nelson.

Winners! Did you see that nasty sack A.J. laid down...the one where he flew in the air? Amazing.

Winners! Mike laid out a nice game plan for the first 21 points, then got more conservative than Mike Sherman. Let's try to finish a game tight next time.

Special Teams:
Wieners! Gimme a break with the punter already!

Matt Millen:

I love this guy, he is killing the Lions softly!

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