Monday, September 22, 2008

Pack vs. Cowboys-Winners and Wieners

Pack vs. Cowboys-Winners and Wieners


Winners! Rodgers played well but needs to push the ball down the field more. No TD's, but he also had zero picks. You gotta like his wheels though.

Running Backs:
Wieners. Running Back=Blows. Hold Grant out until he's better...and next time don't give so much money to an unproven back.

Wieners. Not being awesome makes you a wiener. Jennings was great, Driver was good, and Nelson is living up to his lame, common last name.

Wieners. I'm glad they held T.O. to not much at all, but at what cost? What cost!

Special Teams:
Winners. Crosby got us some points...but where was Blackmon?

Wiener. McCarthy lost a big one at home. A few more like that and you'll find yourself hangin' with Sherman. And by the way, next time get your team ready so they don't get winded at the end of the game, thanks.

Cowboy Fans:
Wieners. You gotta love them, right? Not only are they the lamest fans ever, but they all need to die.

Get it together Pack! Start treating these games like they mean everything, cuz they do. Otherwise you'll end up like the Vikings...Superbowless and stupid.

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