Monday, September 29, 2008

MF Awesome Awards: Pack vs. Bucs

Here's this weeks MF Awesome awards: Pack vs. Bucs.

Rodgers played tough and threw a couple touchdowns, but three pics in one game makes you worthless to me. If you have to miss next are dead to me.

Running Back:
Grant I hate you.

Jennings was great, where was Driver? And Nelsen, you better start stepping you game up or you will just be another Jeff Query, without the mullet and mustache.

Woodson did great again, but I'm getting sick of this whole bend but break defense. It's lame.

Special Teams:
I want our old punter back now.

You lose one game shame on you. You lose two games in a row shame on me. You lose one more in a row and please die.

They are the only ones worthy of Three Awesomes because they actually came to play. Maybe I'll be a Lions fan now.

Nice job Pack. The O-Line and D-Line are horrible, you have no running game, your quarterback may be hurt for like ever, and to top it of, you can't coach. Could be a long season after all.


Anonymous said...

Yup. No six touchdown throwing game on this team,so far, I note.

MF said...

Yup. No six interceptions in a playoff game so far either, I note.

I love Favre but it took him 17 years to get 6 in a game. Chalk it up to a fluke, not a trend.