Sunday, September 14, 2008

Detroilet Lions (0-1) vs. Green Bay Packers (1-0)

The announcers today are JC Pearson and Matt Vasgergian but it's sorta hard to focus on that when Charissa Thompson, the sideline reporter, is on screen. She's got the foxy librarian glasses on and a name that kinda seems like she may be "one of those type" of dancers.

I mention Charissa not for her general hotness though, but because of her commentary. In discussing Lions DT Cory Redding she mentioned that his family is based in Houston, TX and is dealing with Hurricane Ike. She also noted that when he was younger he lived in Miami during Hurricane Andrew and had to "climb trees and eat mangos and bananas" to stay alive in the aftrmath of the storm. I think I speak for everyone when I say I'm happy Jimmy the Greek was not the sideline report today, for so many reasons.

Scott Wells is out. Ryan Grant is in, but just barely. Chuck Woodson is in despite a broken toe. I actually mis-typed that initially as a "broken tail" which would be more interesting but much, much more confusing.

With that all wrapped up let me once again reacquint you with...THE BIG PLAY SEQUENCER! Revel in it's glory! Behold it's Beauty! Scroll down slowly!


9:28 - This is the start of the Packer's second series. We had a three and out with two runs for 1 yard. We started off this series with another run, this time for a loss. In totally unrelated news Detroit gave up 912 yards last week to the Atlanta Falcons on the ground. I know 4 plays isn't much of a sample size, but this isn't our strength so it's notable.

5:18 - 3rd and 7 (Det 44) - Aaron Rodgers avoids the rush and flares out to the sideline before finding James Jones for the 1st down. For a first time starter Rodgers is quite adept at avoiding the pressure. I'm digging the awareness.

3:26 - Welcome to your professional football career Mr. Kregg Lumpkin! The rookie showed some nice burst and good vision in hitting the hole up the middle for a 22 yard gain. We're down to the Detroit 10 and looking solid.

2:06 - Once again Rodgers avoids a sack and makes a play. This time a TD pass to James Jones. The replay shows Greg Jennings was in the corner of the end zone doing jumping jacks but JJ didn't know it and Rodgers couldn't get it there. Still, the Lions didn't bother to cover two guys on the play, which I like to see.



14:12 - I love the Lions. You know how most teams scout out guys who "fit their system" or are "Packer people" or whatever slogan you want to mention? The Lions must do this and turn up guys who drop easy passes, quit on the team, etc. On 3rd and 10 Calvin Johnson drops an easy pass. Roy Williams did it earlier in the game as well. How often do you see wide open wideouts just drop a pass like this on good teams?

13:47 - Rodgers hits Greg Jennings for 62 yards. Jennings had a little move that CB Fisher bit on, and then fell down because of, which left him wide open. The pass was underthrown but Jennings still had time to make the catch and try out for Dancing with the Stars with a mad scramble of his own.

13:03 - Kregg Lumpkin takes a quick screen for 12 yards. Again, nice burst. I understand why he's on the team now. I still don't understand calculus, but this I get. Score one for me.

11:07 - 3rd and goal (Det 2) - 4 wides. Don Driver makes a quick move and is way too wide open for a TD pass. I like where this is going. Our two scoring drives both went for more than 80 yards, took time off the clock, and left us looking dominant.


9:37 - The defense is all fired up. Aaron Kampman sacked Jon Kitna on third down to force a punt. I think that's the third sack so far, and the pressure is looking solid. Cullen Jenkins is causing all sorts of problems on the left side too.

6:47 - 3rd and 2 (Det 29) - The rookie, Jordy Nelson, blows the doors off his man for an easy TD. It looks like the CB, Brian Kelly, was trying to get a jam, but he didn't and Jordy just ran in for the score. Nice way to get your first NFL reception, no?


5:00 - Jon Kitna holds the ball forever and gets to be the meat in a KGB and Kampman sandwich because of it. That is not a sandwich I would want to see on menus nationwide. I'll just stick with the club thanks. No tomato.

:27 - Jeff Backus holds Cullen Jenkins again. I think that's the second on him and he's still given up a bunch of hits on the QB. After the penalty Kitna overthrows Mike Furrey in the end zone and disaster is averted. The D line is creating havoc today. Jason Hanson hits the field goal from 38.



13:30 - Aaron Rouse is in for safety Atari Bigby. Bigby had some sort of injury at the end of the first half but walked off under his own power. Hopefully it's nothing serious. I like Rouse but I like really good depth more.

12:13 - Al was on the sidelines while Roy Williams went uncovered for an 18 yard gain. I don't recall seeing Al sit out very much in the past. We've also gone with more zone today than I've seen recently. Now it's entirely possible I just don't pay much attention, but it was an interesting change.

11:40 - Fortunately Jon Kitna appears to suffer from the same disease that Minnesota QB Tarvaris Jackson has. He overthrows open receivers for no particular reason. Hanson from 49.
By the way, since the Vikings thought they were Superbowl contenders and Tarvaris clearly has other plans would it be ok if we said that he "TarJacked" their season? I like it. I'm going with it. Jon Kitna is a TarJacker too.


9:37 - Weird sequence. Rodgers fumbled the snap but recovered the football. Then was flushed out of the pocket, tiptoed down the sideline for a first down and then on the next play had the ball knocked out of his hand by Dwayne White. White had beaten Chad Clifton on the left side on the play. Detroit recovers (Det 30).

8:55 - AJ Hawk dives over a blocking running back to sack Jon Kitna. Unfortunately they were already in field goal range thanks to the turnover. Hanson from 53.


2:38 - The offense answers back with a nice drive and a field goal. Don Driver had a classic DD-style catch and run for 10 yards that made me smile, but nothing much else happened. Mason Crosby hits the FG from 25.



13:19 - Gaaah! Wood jumped the route and nearly had an interception. Unfortunately he tipped the ball and Calvin "Megatron" Johnson grabbed it and strolled in for a surprisingly easy 38 yard TD.


13:08 - Ok. That's not gonna' work for me. Derrick Frost, punting from his own end zone, let's the snap go through his hands and across the end line for a Safety. Y'see Derrick, when the team is up by 8 in the fourth quarter everyone is generally all right with things. But when you decide to give the other team 2 points just for the heck of it? Yeah, people tend to get antsy.


7:50 - After some questionably cowardly playcalling we're stuck in the same spot we've been for a while. Frost managed to actually punt the ball this time but it was a line drive that Mike Furrey was able to return to our 47 yard line. Megatron catches a little slant and somehow manages to score. The D looked real slow on their pursuit, particularly Tramon, who was awkward as heck in the coverage. I think I tried that exact same move on my date on prom night Tramon, didn't work for me either.


6:56 - Another penalty on the offensive line. I'm getting annoyed now. That's 6 more today after the dozen on MNF last week. 2nd and 13 coming - Rodgers hits Greg Jennings over the middle for 60 yards (about 10 in the air). Dwight Smith whiffed on the play. I point that out because Dwight Smith was a guy so dirty that even the Vikings wouldn't keep him around anymore, and I can't stand him.

5:28 - The drive stalls when Brandon Jackson drops an easy one. See what I get for complaining about guys dropping easy passes? Still, the offense answered back. Rodgers answered back, and we're back ahead thanks to Crosby hitting from 39. Also, a little feel good moment on the sideline, Rodgers and Jackson had the little fist bump/chat that probably came down to Jackson saying "I'll catch that next time" and Rodgers responding "I know."


5:11 - Wood picks off a poorly thrown pass at the Detroit 40 intended for Megatron Johnson. A little redemption for Wood there after the tip TD earlier.

3:37 - Speaking of redemption. Brandon Jackson picks up 13 yards off the right side and follows it up with a 20 yard TD run. It looked a little desperate at first with BranJ going right and then stopping, but he found the hole and got us a win.


2:09 - Wow. The Detroit Lions hopes of winning today? Yeah, they've been TarJacked by Jon Kitna in the last 3 minutes. Three picks. 21 points given up. Two of them returned for TDs by Wood and Nick Collins. Seriously. That was embarrassing Mr. Kitna.



Son of a... Jon Kitna just hit me in the chest with another errant pass. Knock it off Jonny! Knock it off!

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