Sunday, September 21, 2008

Dallas Cowgirls (2-0) at Green Bay Packers (2-0)

Sunday Night Football! Al Michaels and John Madden in the booth! Andrea Kremer still somehow gainfully employed despite being in a role no one can find a reason to keep around!

Mike Carey is our ref tonight. He's not terrible. So that's cool for him.

Injury Report

Roy Williams of the Cowboys is out. He's been overrated forever so I'm not sure what that means for us tonight. We're still without Scott Wells. Jason Spitz replaces him and Tony Moll impersonates airspace at Right Guard. Atari Bigby is out as well. Aaron Rouse in for him.


14:39 - The Packers receive the kickoff. Ryan Grant goes for 9 yards off the right side but fumbles the ball. Pacman Jones recovers and returns to our 14. Hmm. I realize that Grant's best game as a Packer came after two early, crushing turnovers against the Seahawks in the playoffs last year but he doesn't have to do this.

13:55 - The defense stuffs the Cowboys and forces a Nick Folk field goal from 25. The Cowboys have Terrell Owens in motion off the line to avoid the bump and run. They would call this smart. But let's face it, they're a bunch of cowards. TO especially. Chuck Woodson is on him tonight instead of Al. That's a good sign.


10:30 - Greg Jennings gets open on a slant and a quick little out for 18 yards on a 3rd and 4. The guy's a star already but everyone keeps on calling him a surprise this year. It's a little weird.

8:40 - The drive stalls on the Dallas 7. Crosby hits from 35. Field goals aren't going to be good enough against a team with all of these toys on offense.


6:51 - Al Harris is down. Writhing in pain. Writhing. I don't do much writhing myself (knock on wood). It doesn't look like much fun. Tramon Williams in to replace him.

3:00 - Okay, not happy. Nick Barnett came off the field looking like his left shoulder is roughly 2 inches lower than it should be. He's also a candidate for some solid writhing but he's boldly chosen to go with "grimace and point at the injury" instead. Desmond Bishop replaces him.

:30 - 3rd and 13 (GB 21) for Dallas. Tony Romo stares down his favorite target, Jason Witten, and thankfully doesn't see Nick Collins undercut him for the easy pick in the end zone. 61 yards later he's finally brought down.


15:00 - Aaron Rodgers fumbles the snap but recovers at the 50. I realize that Spitz is the backup but this is the third game in a row with a fumbled snap. Let's sort it out boys.

14:00 - Rodgers redeems himself. He breaks out of a potential sack, then jumps and wings a perfect strike to Greg Jennings for a first down. The drive stalls and Mason Crosby comes out for another field goal, this one from the 38. Remarkable restraint by Al Michaels there to not take the easy way out (yes, I'm talking to you Tony Kornheiser) and talk about Favre.


10:36 - Brandon Chillar has seen some extensive action already tonight. He's making plays too. I know a bit was made about how he's our only free agent signing and he's Frank Walker-esque but let's give him a chance. In this game he's already made 3 nice plays in coverage, which is Brady Poppinga's biggest weakness. He could fill a role.

9:46 - It was just a matter of time. Mark Tauscher gets flagged for a hold. I think that's the O-line's first penalty of the night and it didn't involve Tony Moll. Sidebets in offices throughout the dairyland just paid off big on the long shot. I would have taken Moll as the first penalty no matter what the odds.

6:04 - Felix Jones, the backup running back for the Cowboys, takes it left for 60 yards and a TD. Nick Collins was the only Packer on that side of the field and a little chip by the wideout sprung Jones. It should be noted that apparently Nick chose the "cement cleats" for the play because it looked like he wasn't even moving.


:17 - Cullen Jenkins has transformed into Beast mode for this game. He sacked Tony Romo on the 20, forced a fumble, and nearly recovered the ball. He followed that up with another pressure to force an overthrow in the end zone. CJ is all fired up. Nick Folk hits the figgie.



13:45 - Brandon Chillar is down with an injury. Just the wind knocked out? He's out, Brady Poppinga back in. I'm not in love with the trend of injured defensive guys tonight. On the plus side Terrell Owens only has 2 catches for all of 17 yards right now. Coward. Any truth to the rumor that Chuck broke his toe by putting a foot up TO's ass? The world may never know. But I do.

8:25 - Crosby hits from 33. Didn't I say field goals were not an option tonight? Didn't I? There was a nice drive with a lot of nice runs by Ryan Grant and especially Brandon Jackson. BranJ seems like he's starting to see some holes this year and moving the pile when he's caught. I'm liking what I'm seeing. The drive ended on another sack of Rodgers. He's holding it a bit too long but his O-line isn't helping much.


4:19 - Nick Collins gets beat by Miles Austin for 65 yards down to the Green Bay 3 yard line. Weird game for Nick. He's had his second nice pick in two weeks. His second nice return. He's made some nice plays in the run game too, but the Cowboys two biggest plays tonight were both on him.

By the way, I have no idea who Miles Austin is either. Don't feel bad about it.


1:45 - Hey, that's my boy! Tony Moll beaten badly which ends up in a sack of Rodgers. I'm not putting all of the blame on Tony, I mean Pacman Jones and Jerry Jones are both in the building and they clearly deserve blame for anything negative that ever occurs on this earth. It's sort of like how some States have no "zero fault" car accidents...No matter what occurs, no matter what it's about, Jerry Jones always gets 5% of the blame and Pacman gets 5%. If firearms are involved then Pacman gets 10%. That's just how it is.

1:29 - Another nice sequence for Cullen Jenkins. He destroys Felix Jones for a 5 yard loss. There was a blocker on him, he just didn't do any blocking. I guess it wouldn't be appropriate to call him a "blocker" in that situation huh? Anywho, he followed that play up with another pressure of Tony Romo that resulted in an intentional grounding penalty. Nice game CJ.


12:01 - Well, Charlie Peprah's in the game. So we're rolling with two backup safeties at the moment, and a backup at one of the corner spots. Our one remaining starter has a broken toe. How are we still in this thing? Oh right, Tony Romo has played terribly. I'm sure that'll last.

9:09 - Ballgame. Miles Austin, again I have no idea who this is and now I don't care to, hauls in a 50 yard TD pass from Romo over Tramon Williams. I guess I can't complain that much about our backups when for all I know Miles Austin is the traveling secretary for the Cowboys.

Garbage time - Rodgers got in on a QB sneak to make it vaguely more interesting. But only vaguely. This one felt like a loss on the schedule when I saw it in the preseason, and it feels like I got that one right. Which feels terrible. Shall we talk more of my feelings? No? Probably a good choice.

To be honest I'm not that worried about whether Aaron Rodgers can beat the Cowboys in September. I am worried about whether he can in January. This is just his third start and hopefully he'll improve as we go along here. We have that to look forward to at least.

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