Monday, September 22, 2008

Coming and Going

Through many years of football watching and reading and analyzing and whatnots I've figured that out injuries are part of the game. I'm clear on that subject. If you are not, well, just listen to every coach who has to find a way to win without his star player each week. They'll tell you - "Injuries are part of the game."

In welcome news, Scott Wells should be back in the lineup this week at Center. This allows Jason Spitz to move back to Right Guard and puts Tony Moll back bagging groceries. Wait. I'm being told Mr. Moll won't be bagging any groceries? Really? Not qualified or what? No kidding? You're saying he'll just be on the bench but still draw a paycheck as a pro player huh? Hmm. Interesting. Yes, I did just pretend to be in a conversation for this entire paragraph. Yes, I also know it's unfair to blame one guy. I still did it though.

In very, very unwelcome news it appears Al Harris may be done for the season. If you read the article you can have fun perusing horrific quotes like “Once Al told (head trainer Pepper Burruss) he was tasting some blood and had some blood in his urine, (Burruss) said, ‘That’s it, you’re done,’ took his helmet right there.”

I love Al. In part because he's the secondary's iron man. In part because of the venom he produces in Vikings fans. I actually saw two guys high five each other in my office today when they heard "Dirty Al" was down and out. In an unrelated note Hell just filled two new vacancies.

So we're looking at Tramon Williams starting opposite Chuck Wood for at least a few weeks, but more than likely the rest of the season. I can see a day in the next few years where Tramon and Will Blackmon are our starters so this doesn't terrify me. Only spiders terrify me. Because they're terrifying. But I don't know if I was ready for that era to begin this week.

But hey, it could be worse right?


Anonymous said...

Spiders terrify me as well.

Anonymous said...

I hate the little bastards as well...not as much as I hate the vikings, but close...