Friday, August 15, 2008

This just in

Holy fucking shit! Did you guys hear that Brett Favre is a Jet? And they found Big Foot? And um...wait a minute... They found Big Foot? Like, the real Mr. Foot? In Georgia? Georgia? How many questions can I throw into this paragraph?Okay, hopefully by now I've accomplished the following:
Disappointed my family and loved ones for swearing unnecessarily.
Distracted people into realizing that there are actually stories that are even more lame than the Favre melodrama.
Planted the seed in Will Ferrell's mind for a new hit tv show on ABC called "The Real Mr. Foot" about a Bigfoot living in our world and pretending he's just a really hairy guy. John C. Reilly can play his skeptical neighbor Carl! Who wouldn't watch that?
So, the Favre is preparing to play for another team thing...Yeah. That's not optimal. Here's my feeling on the whole ordeal. I'm disappointed in Teddy T and Mike III. I'm more disappointed in Favre. I'm not going to take sides or call anyone a name (except for Jerry in accounting, that guy's a douche). I put most of the responsibility on Favre. He retired. When given a chance to "win" back a job that he clearly would have won he declined. Both sides handled this horribly, but Favre was clearly the "unstoppable force" that got the train rolling off the tracks. Packer management just seemed to be the confused, "immovable object".
I'm happy the whole thing is over and I'm genuinely excited to see what life is like after Favre. I just wish it was occurring "after Favre" rather than "during Favre elsewhere". It hurts to see Favre wooing a whole legion of new fans. Fans that root for a second rate team in their own city. Or rather, in the State most closely proximated to their city.
I don't know what else to say. I actually watched a preseason game on Monday just to see how Rodgers would do and how the fans would react. I liked what I saw about the bearded wonder, although I am angry that I willingly subjected myself to listening to Tony Kornheiser. I always felt he was a poor option for Monday Night Football, but wow. I'm embarrassed for him at this point.
So anyway. There's the timely reaction of the C & P staff. I'm looking forward to checking out other players on the team again, watching Rodgers develop and maybe sweating over the backup qb plan. Just like I do every year. Go pack go.


Anonymous said...

So after the weekend, how is A-Rod working out for you now? Loved the comparison that they showed of Farve on his touchdown scoring drive while going 7-11, then Rodgers going 4-12 with an interception.

Majikman said...

Hey Anonymous,

I thought this was just preseason, I didn't know that counted? Anyways, get your facts right jackass. Rodgers went 9-of-16 for 58 yards. Do me a favor and come back week one and compare how Rodgers does against a strong defense...and compare him to Favre against a weak as team, then let's talk.

Now get off our blog!