Sunday, August 24, 2008

18 of 22 and a Lumpkin

I hesitate to put too much into preseason numbers but if you're gonna do it, now's the time. The third game, the starters going more than 2 series, and all that jazz. I'm still waiting for NFLN to replay the game so I haven't actually seen anything other than highlights, but those look much better than the 49er game.

According to the game recap on Rodgers looked excellent, the defense did not, and Kregg Lumpkin is making me come to terms with the fact that my favorite team may actively employ someone named...well...Kregg Lumpkin. That's just nutty.

The injuries to our safeties, Sitton and Jones scare me just a couple of weeks before the opener. But we don't know what will happen with those just yet so I'm gonna cross my fingers. I need to stop taking myself so literally.

What I'm taking from this game is a quote from the reigning Mr. Packer, Donald Driver. Here he is talking about Aaron Rodgers from JSonline.

"He's always growing and he's going to continue to grow over the course of his career. And I think that's the thing I loved about him tonight, is that he proved he could take over this team."

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