Sunday, August 24, 2008

18 of 22 and a Lumpkin

I hesitate to put too much into preseason numbers but if you're gonna do it, now's the time. The third game, the starters going more than 2 series, and all that jazz. I'm still waiting for NFLN to replay the game so I haven't actually seen anything other than highlights, but those look much better than the 49er game.

According to the game recap on Rodgers looked excellent, the defense did not, and Kregg Lumpkin is making me come to terms with the fact that my favorite team may actively employ someone named...well...Kregg Lumpkin. That's just nutty.

The injuries to our safeties, Sitton and Jones scare me just a couple of weeks before the opener. But we don't know what will happen with those just yet so I'm gonna cross my fingers. I need to stop taking myself so literally.

What I'm taking from this game is a quote from the reigning Mr. Packer, Donald Driver. Here he is talking about Aaron Rodgers from JSonline.

"He's always growing and he's going to continue to grow over the course of his career. And I think that's the thing I loved about him tonight, is that he proved he could take over this team."

Friday, August 15, 2008

This just in

Holy fucking shit! Did you guys hear that Brett Favre is a Jet? And they found Big Foot? And um...wait a minute... They found Big Foot? Like, the real Mr. Foot? In Georgia? Georgia? How many questions can I throw into this paragraph?Okay, hopefully by now I've accomplished the following:
Disappointed my family and loved ones for swearing unnecessarily.
Distracted people into realizing that there are actually stories that are even more lame than the Favre melodrama.
Planted the seed in Will Ferrell's mind for a new hit tv show on ABC called "The Real Mr. Foot" about a Bigfoot living in our world and pretending he's just a really hairy guy. John C. Reilly can play his skeptical neighbor Carl! Who wouldn't watch that?
So, the Favre is preparing to play for another team thing...Yeah. That's not optimal. Here's my feeling on the whole ordeal. I'm disappointed in Teddy T and Mike III. I'm more disappointed in Favre. I'm not going to take sides or call anyone a name (except for Jerry in accounting, that guy's a douche). I put most of the responsibility on Favre. He retired. When given a chance to "win" back a job that he clearly would have won he declined. Both sides handled this horribly, but Favre was clearly the "unstoppable force" that got the train rolling off the tracks. Packer management just seemed to be the confused, "immovable object".
I'm happy the whole thing is over and I'm genuinely excited to see what life is like after Favre. I just wish it was occurring "after Favre" rather than "during Favre elsewhere". It hurts to see Favre wooing a whole legion of new fans. Fans that root for a second rate team in their own city. Or rather, in the State most closely proximated to their city.
I don't know what else to say. I actually watched a preseason game on Monday just to see how Rodgers would do and how the fans would react. I liked what I saw about the bearded wonder, although I am angry that I willingly subjected myself to listening to Tony Kornheiser. I always felt he was a poor option for Monday Night Football, but wow. I'm embarrassed for him at this point.
So anyway. There's the timely reaction of the C & P staff. I'm looking forward to checking out other players on the team again, watching Rodgers develop and maybe sweating over the backup qb plan. Just like I do every year. Go pack go.

Get on or get off!

Man up Packer fans, it's time to separate who's a fan of the Pack and who's here to just watch Favre. I've been an active fan of the Pack for longer than MF tried to grown facial hair, there was life before Favre and there will be life after. Sure, when the Majikman was driven out of town before he had a chance to win 15 MVP's it sucked, but then we got Favre. It could be 20,000 years until we get amazing quarterbacks again like Majkowski and Favre, but at least we had them. Vikings and Bears, you never had them, and you never will.

At least we have that, and that's a lot.

Sunday, August 03, 2008


I've been on vacation for the past 8 days and I'm a little out of it. Anything happen while I was loading up the MF family truckster for some roadtripping hijinks? I know Ryan Grant got signed, I know Javon Walker is all confused about pretty much everything in his life since he wore the green and gold. I know my dog smells kind of weird since I got him back from the puppysitter. And finally, frustratingly, I know my house has acquired some new tenants while I was gone.

As far as unwanted inhabitants go you can't really beat ants. They make no noise. If left to their devices they'll clean up that leftover chip and spot of wine on the counter. But damn they're annoying. I've deployed the ol' hotel o' deaths around the hotspots in an effort to um... sweet jesus... my tiny little dog just dropped a bomb on me and the wife. Let me know when you're gonna fumigate bud, wow. Seriously wow. The dog is all of 12 pounds and I'm typing through tears right now.
Where the hell was I? Oh yes, the annoying ant story. Anything else annoying to you good folks out there at the moment? Anything at all? Oh right, the whole "Favre is back and now the team will go back on their earlier comments and hold an open competition blah blah blah" thing is really picking up steam. That should be fun. I kinda hope Brohm plays lights out just to make it interesting for the national media.

Wendi Nix, who is almost hot enough to work at Fox News, broke the story that A) the Packers will hold an open competition for the starting QB spot and B) she has spent 8 days in Green Bay and hasn't gained a pound. Dammit Wendi, it's un-American to spend that much time in Titletown and not pound down curds and Leinie's. It's almost rude. At least knock down a Point or two.
Like most of you I've spent the last week or so trying to avoid the Favre melodrama while also reading half the stories about the ordeal. My blackberry battery was killed during a vicious "auto-refresh" cycle late last week. Private services will be held on Monday. I'll try to resist leering at an iphone until Tuesday out of respect for the dead.

I've gone back and forth on the thing. I've wanted Favre back because he gives the team the best chance to win. Heck, if it was 10 degrees during the NFC Championship game I think we win that pig. But like most people I'm tired of the non-football Favre stuff. Reeeeaaally fucking tired. So I timed my vacation well.

In between sessions of Rock Band with my 9 year old nephew and 7 year old niece I checked out the interwebs for updates on the situation. I don't know if my being distracted hurt the band or not, I mean, I was playing bass so the kids could thrash out on the guitar solos and drum fills, but if this whole website thing doesn't work out please keep your eye out for the hip new band Johnny Rocker and the Penguins on tour in your town! Or was it Johnny Penguin and the Rockers? Dammit.

So I'm guessing most of you, even if you're happy with Favre back in Green Bay, are tired of all the focus on him and all the other nonsense. There are benefits to this ridiculousness though. I mean, look at what it does to people! I love the work that is done on Packernet but...well, c'mon! That post is hilarious. Sorry to pick on you guys but seriously, sack the hell up.
All right this post is taking too long and not making much sense. I know I've gone too long when the wife is threatening to make me watch Project Runway, the dog is yammering on like a schoolgirl and well, I need another beer and neither the wife or dog are trained for that sort of intricate retrieval. More tomorrow!