Friday, July 11, 2008

Don't like it?

Do something about it.

Call Green Bay Headquarters and ask for their PR department. #920-569-7500 You'll probably get a voice mail because I did. I left a voice mail message that they are going to be getting THOUSANDS of calls. The handling of this situation BLOWS. The shareholders had every right to know of Brett Favre's desire to come back and apparently he told McCarthy & Thompson a month ago. Come on shareholders...start a movement. It isn't TT's team!!! Green Bay has always been unique. History could be made right now if the shareholders stand up for their rights.


Anonymous said...

WOW! I must have been dozing, for I missed your return to activity!

Now as far as this column-I can't agree more. This is to say the least an awkward situation-and it hasn't been made any better by the current tyrant's reticence with the facts.

While there is a prety big contingent that seems to not only feel that the Packers OWE Aaron Rodgers the uncontested starting position, despite the fact that he has ZERO starts and just hasn't shown the public ANYTHING except an adequate(losing) effort against a Cowboys team the hadn't had a chance to prepare for him. Most of these folks seem to think that Aaron (Errant) Rodgers will be able to step into Brett's role and the Packers will move on without missing a beat....yeah right

The group that really surprises me is the group who has apparently hated Favre for years. At least that's what so many of the blogs and message boards make it sound like....

BUT the management is the group who has REALLY punted this up. Like you've pointed out-there is no reason that all of this communication should have been secret and left to the innuendo mill. I can see why Favre would want a release. That Said-if tt were to grant him a free and unconditional release-he should be tarrd and feathered and run out of WI on a rail (if not hung). His job is to put the best possible team on the field. That's it. and there is no way that a Rodgers-directed team is even is the same class as this team with Brett under center. In that situation, they are serious contenders, with AR-a .500 team at best.
Bring Favre in. If you feel the need to rub his nose in this-(which would be a mistake) make him earn the starting spot. I'd rather that he were installed as the starter--if Rodgers' delicate feelings are damaged-SO WHAT ? He's getting paid a ton with really no track record to show he deserves it. For all anyone knows, holding the board may well be what's extended his career for a year or so............
So yes indeed, write to the Packers, rally those in your circles that are stockholders-wrest some semblance of a rational amount of cortrol away from teddy-"duhhh"-- thompson....

ruffian96 said...

The state of this franchise is more important than appeasing the whims of one player. For the past four offseasons Favre has wiffled and waffled over retirement while fans emotions dangled in the balance. We cannot continue to allow the direction of this franchise to be dictated by one player, even if it is the best one in franchise history. Favre cannot play forever, eventually his body will not allow him to compete. The franchise needs to prepare for that, unless it wants to go thru 20 years of reminiscing about how good the past was, while sucking in the present.

Every professional sports team goes through a situation like this at some time. It's how they handle these transitions that seperate the teams with one or two great players at a time from the organizations that consistently perform at a high level.

Show our appreaciation, he's earned it? We've shown it for 17 years. In sub freezing temps and hot summer training camp days, thru scandal and criticism. Little boys refuse to wear anything but his jersey. I think that's plenty demonstration.

The ultimate team player now threatens to destroy the chemistry of his team because of his personal desires. Brett is still a very valuable player. If he really wants to go to a 'contender' rather than face the possibility of riding a bench, why not let us trade him? We could probably get some real good talent in return, maybe even some that would have a long term impact. But that's out of the question. Why? He wants to be the only one to pick the team he goes to so he wants an unconditional release. So not only does the franchise have to deal with an ultimatum from their team player, but he would like for us to let him walk while still under contract and receive absolutely zero in return.

To me it doesn't sound like Favre is thinking of anyone but himself these days. And if you say he's earned the right to be a selfish douche then fine, but at least call it like it is.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, Brett's a douche bag. And yes, if Ron Wolf hadn't taken a chance years ago he may not have played.


He's handled this badly. He is a 38 year old man (something I suspect is coloring a lot of you handling this badly as well, the man part).

But he is OUR #4. He is still a Packer and always will be. And if A-Rod carries us to a SB win next year, I will love BF no less. So there.

Anonymous said...

I'm as big a Favre fan as anyone, but it's time for Favre to move on. This annual retirement drama has fatigued us all. In late March, TT and MM were scheduled to fly to Mississippi to announce Favre's return until, two days prior to the trip, Favre called and "retired" as second time! And MM says that he had a conversation with Favre on June 20 where Favre couldn't verbally commit to giving the required 100 percent.

I read the pundits who claim Favre gives the Packers the best chance to win. Perhaps in the regular season, but maybe not the playoffs. I think Favre crumbles under the pressure of living up to being "Favre." He hasn't played consecutive good playoff games in 10 years. He utterly melted down in the Dallas game, chucking the ball deep. TT and MM surely noted how Rodgers, despite his first exposure in a big game, kept his cool and got the Pack back in the game.

I luv ya, Favre. It's just too bad how you screwed the pooch on your way out the door.

Anonymous said...

I absolutely love the folks who thik rodgers gives the Pack a better chance in the playoffs. How spoiled are Packers' fans anyway?? Lest we forget the Packers ONE playoff appearence in the TWENTY-ONE years in the pre-Favre era. WHY,oh why do you think that the Rodgers era will be any more successful than the times of Dilweg,Whitehurst.Dickey,Hadl, Tomczak,Tagge,Majkowskior Wright??
Do you think that star-quality QB's grow on trees???

My greatest fear is that those fans who remember nothing else but Brett at QB will become like I was in those days, hoping for .500 with a split with the vikes to make it a great year.....