Friday, July 11, 2008

Don't like it?

Do something about it.

Call Green Bay Headquarters and ask for their PR department. #920-569-7500 You'll probably get a voice mail because I did. I left a voice mail message that they are going to be getting THOUSANDS of calls. The handling of this situation BLOWS. The shareholders had every right to know of Brett Favre's desire to come back and apparently he told McCarthy & Thompson a month ago. Come on shareholders...start a movement. It isn't TT's team!!! Green Bay has always been unique. History could be made right now if the shareholders stand up for their rights.

Monday, July 07, 2008

Clarification - In regards to your soul and its level of rocking by me (and other topics)

"I wasn't paying much attention. The North Star Coffee Lounge seemed like a fairly safe haven from our storms. There are some you go into - in this line of work - that you know will be heavy. The details don't matter. All you know, for sure, is that your brain starts humming with brutal vibes as you approach the front door. Something wild and evil is about to happen; and it's going to involve YOU."

- Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas - Hunter S. Thompson

I don't know what it says about being a Packer fan in 2008 that the only thing I can relate it to is Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas, but...well, there we are. So I'm doing what I hate, commenting on things that I know little about and pretending it matters. I sort of gave myself a free pass on the lack of posts for that reason and I realized it comes off as whining. So, again, here we are.

Us Packer fans are just sweet kids from the burbs trying to make it in the big city and this offseason is messing with us like a couple punks in the park slapping our brown bag lunch to the pigeons. First off we have Dr Z at SI picking the Vikings to win the dang Superbowl. Which is ridiculous assuming the other teams are allowed to play the season too, but it's still aggravating.

Now we have Peter King weighing in on the whole Favre unretirement saga. Here's the thing Pete. You gave up any sense of credibility you had years ago. If I want to know who has the best potato salad in training camp we'll give you a ring ok buddy? Otherwise please stop talking. A Packer nightmare? How is it a Packer nightmare?

On the one hand you have the most beloved player in franchise history, who, when the season was over everyone assumed would be back for one last run at a title. Then he changed some of that talk with his retirement. But at the end of the day we're still debating whether the team would want Favre to quarterback them next year or hand over the reins to an injury prone backup.

The worst case scenario being that Aaron Rodgers would walk away after his deal expires and sign with another team. Which would leave the Packers with 1 more season of a Hall of Fame QB at the helm and an acceptable heir in Brian Brohm as his backup. So, where's the nightmare?

Is it because fans fear he would tarnish his legacy? How? Fans remember the good years. No one remembers Unitas and Namath at the end of the run, they talk about when they were great. Anyone own an Emmitt Smith Cardinals jersey? Seriously, anyone?

Also, as is pointed out, Favre had a great year statistically last season. It doesn't look like he's finished. So if he has something left in the tank why exactly would the Packers trade him for a third rounder? Because it's "best for all involved?" It's best for NO ONE involved except for Aaron Rodgers. Who may be about to go all Steve Young on us or maybe he'll be out of the league in 2 years. We don't know.

I'm not saying Favre should come back. I'd enjoy it, but I'd also enjoy seeing a young guy like Rodgers try to win over his teammates too. I just want to remind people that the retarded logic strutted out by SI and ESPN warrants a skeptical eye nowadays. Throw out all the retirement stuff, throw out all of the nauseating commentary from the Chuckles on TV (which is a lot, I know) and just ask yourself what is best for your team? The proven commodity (with some baggage) or the unknown. I can see both sides of it, what I can't see is making a decision based on how pissed off the backup QB will feel about it.

Wednesday, July 02, 2008

I will fucking rock your soul

If we have any readers left, and understandably that is doubtful, said readers will be wondering just what took so long? The last post on this site is one regarding the NFC championship game, the one where the evil big city won and the noble little town lost. Which is an injustice. Low on the spectrum, but still, an injustice.

So I'm back. If you're curious as to why there has been such a silence. And really, it was a silence. Months and months of nothing. NFL draft? Nothing. Favre retiring? Nothing. Favre unretiring? Nothing. So I understand if you're sitting there wondering just what kind of Packer fan blows this stuff off. So here's my answer, take it for what you will.

I just don't care that much about the off season. It's not that I think the acquisition of new players isn't newsworthy. It is. The problem is that I have no idea whether the new players are any good. Which in a way is fine, I mean, I'm just a fan. Maybe an idiot fan at that. The issue is that the ubernerds of NFL scoutery have no fucking idea either. None. They pretend they do - and I don't blame them for this - because their six figure salaries and spiffy suits depend on it, but they know exactly what you know, which is nothing.

So I don't care. Not because it's not important, just because no one knows how important it will be. Dr. Z from recently noted that he has picked the Vikings to win the Super Bowl. I'd like to mock him (and I will) but really what's the point? If he's right he gets to lord that all over town. If he's wrong no one remembers. So what's the big deal? It's not going out on a limb if no one remembers there's a fucking tree, right? It should be noted however that the Vikings still employ an idiot head coach. A man who didn't get the memo indicating that it wasn't JUST the porn stache that ladies loved about Magnum PI, it was the full head of hair and lack of 14-18 career records.

I love Favre. Love him. To the point where I'm offended if my wife doesn't want to wear the Favre jersey I got for her. Which is all sorts of creepy if you break it down, which thankfully we will not do here. But still, I love the guy. Writing about his retirement? No. What am I going to add? SI and ESPN and and so many other blogs like bratsnbeer are giving us that info.

I realize there are 100 different sites that will happily provide you with their personal insight, even if that insight is the equivalent of seamonkeys. Vaguely interesting to a 10 year old, but kind of embarrassing for anyone with a driver's license. I'm not really knocking them (ok, I am) but really, we don't need everyone's opinion. I love the guy, you love the guy, do we really need to talk about how much you and me and your cousin all loved the guy to validate his career? I say no.

So that brings us to this post. I'll be knocking out stuff on things that matter. This will generally be about the Packers, but it won't only be about the Packers. Sometimes what matters is new music (seriously, go buy "Stay Positive" from The Hold Steady), sometimes it's about amazing books ("Guns, Germs and Steel" is impossibly cool, check out the doc if you can't handle the booklearnin') and sometimes it's just about my dog acting like the Chuckles he is. I hope you're ok with that. I've tried a hundred different ideas to make this site relevant year-round and this is all I've got. So there it is. Love ya guys, thanks for stopping by, we'll be posting regularly.