Saturday, January 12, 2008

Recap! Green Bay Packers (13-3) vs. Seattle Seahawks (11-6)

We've got Daryl, Moose and Goose doing the broadcast today. In an odd way I sorta like these guys. They don't do the lovefest hype to the degree that some of the others (like say, Madden) do. Which is sadly refreshing.

It's 31 degrees on the field. Wind's blowing and we've got some really tiny snowflakes coming down. It's almost cute. It's like something a Californian would be impressed with and get inspired to talk about "really living life" or something.

Just so you've got a general feel. All week long I've been avoiding reading about this game. Avoiding podcasts from the fellas at Packers Therapy and all that. My guts are sort of twisted. I think Seattle's Defense can give us problems. I think we're better on offense, better on defense and better on special teams. But not by wide margins. So I'm antsy. Then, on my drive back from Target today (it's a requirement that all Minnesota Women go to Target once a week and I had to get the wife there) I suddenly felt really positive about this game. Not that it means anything mind you.

Just as a reminder, italics mean the opponent has the ball. And, something new, the blue comments are me second guessing my comments after the game is over. Here's an example...

This is so lame. You're posting hours after the game is over, why not just admit it?

I'm posting yes, but the comments in black are what I actually wrote down during the game without the benefit of hindsight.

How can you respond to a question that hasn't happened yet if your black comments are from the game?

I...uh, I hate you. Moving on.

1st Quarter

14:43 - What? Ryan Grant catches a little flare, falls down, gets up and then fumbles. The Seahawks recover on the Packer 1 yard line. I haven't even had my first High Life yet fellas! C'mon!

14:40 - Shaun Alexander manages to get the 1 yard for the touchdown. That was a gift Shaun, we all know you've got nothing left in the tank. Enjoy it.

At this point I was swearing at the TV and the dog was hiding in his puppy bed because "daddy" was shouting too much. Not a good start.


13:40 - Hmm. I'm noticing a trend. Grant picks up a first down but fumbles again. It's again recovered by the 'Hawks. On the plus side he did it at the 50 instead of in the Packer Red Zone but still. Is this progress?

10:59 - Matt Hasselbeck hits Bobby Engram in the back of the end zone for a touchdown. During that drive I considered crapping in my own bed as a sign of solidarity. The dog was happy I didn't consider "screwing the pooch." And yes, I've somehow managed to have 3 beers in the past few minutes. This could be a long day.


I was actually sweating bullets at this point. I suddenly realized I may have to stop watching football and it hit me like a kick to my very close personal friend, the greek philosopher Testiclees.

8:32 - Okay, we're finally moving the ball and hanging onto it at the same time. It sucks that we're down by two TD's already but hey, there's still 95% of the game left. Brett Favre just hit James Jones for 31 on a cross. It was 3rd and 7. We're down to the 20.

7:08 - Favre hits Jennings (who makes an awesome adjustment on an underthrown pass) for the touchdown! We're officially back in this thing. Nice drive boys.


6:18 - The D forces a three and out. Cullen Jenkins sacks Hasselbeck to force the punt. One thing I feel good about in this game is Matt. He hasn't won the big one yet and he seems like he gets angry/panicky when things don't go his way. Think back to the temper tantrum in the playoffs a few years ago against the 49ers.

5:04 - The wife loved this one. Favre hits Bubba Franks for 7 on 3rd and 7. Bubba clearly reaches out and the ball is past the artificial yellow line for the 1st down. The refs give Bubba a terrible mark. Favre convinces Coach McCarthy to throw the challenge and the ball is moved up to the appropriate spot. This was a big point in the game and clearly noted as such by the announcers, me, the dog, etc. But my wife reiterates this point several times and acts like no one's listening. It'd be troubling if it weren't so dang sexy.

No idea why the wife did that but she went on a rampage about Favre's leadership. She was just short of pulling out pom poms and doing a backflip. On the plus side this should make it easier to get her to agree to a game at Lambeau for our Anniversary next year.

1:09 - It's the Ryan Grant show. How do you spell REDEMPTION? G-R-A-N-T. He carried for 26 up the gut. He picked up 15 off the right side and he knocked in the TD off the left.


2nd Quarter

14:54 - Seattle has done nothing since Grant stopped giftwrapping easy possessions for them. On 2nd and 19 Marcus Pollard the Tight End gets absolutely destroyed on a hit by Atari Bigby. Ball comes out. And since Aaron Kampman is always around the ball he does the sensible thing and falls on it. Packer ball on the Seattle 19.

13:27 - After 17 yards of Ryan Grant on a screen and a run we have 1st and goal from the 2 or so. Favre lofts a gorgeous fade to Greg Jennings for the score. If that fade pass was walking down the street you'd stop and stare like it was Scarlett Johannsen in something lowcut.

Yeah I used the word "gorgeous". Deal with it.


10:55 - The D forces another 3 and out. But then the special teams unit manages to pull a "one and dammit" by roughing the kicker. Brandon Jackson, or BranJ, was the guilty party.

I couldn't figure out a good term for a Special Teams blunder. I mean, they always go "one and out" no matter if they do well or poorly. So I went with "one and dammit." Should it maybe have been "one...and dammit"? I'm still workshopping that one.

7:22 - Josh Brown hits from 29. DJ Hackett dropped a ball that would have given the 'Hawks a first and goal but he heard footsteps. Bigby has been trainwrecking people and it's starting to sink in for these Seattle receivers.


4:37 - The Packers have uncorked the new "two fullback" unit and it's causing problems for the 'Hawks defense. It's nice that Korey Hall is back and healthy. I like seeing Coach Mike throw in something new like that so late in the season.

I probably should have mentioned this when we first did it. But the wife was going on and on about Favre's leadership skills so I sorta missed it. Or I'm lazy. It's really either/or.

2:00 - Beautiful drive so far. Grant is picking up yards. Donald Driver's increasing his YAC count by taking screens for 5-6 yards a shot and James Jones is converting on third downs. It's really pretty. Especially in the snow, which is getting to be noticeable.

Savvy readers will notice I'm not giving the placement on the field so much. The reason? I have no idea where the plays are taking place. I think at one point the teams were actually playing at a 30 degree angle off of the sidelines but I have no way of confirming it.

1:08 - Favre breaks out of a tackle, stumbles like he's gonna fall down, and somehow manages to flip an underhand throw to Don Lee for 8 yards on 3rd and 7. That's why we love the guy.

We also love him for the records, the wins, the Super Bowl title, the Wrangler commercials, the Rayovac commercials...

:26 - Grant takes it the last 4 yards for the TD. We're dominating this game. At this point I'm not even concerned because Seattle hasn't stopped us once. Other than the 2 fumbles and the roughing the kicker penalty they haven't been able to get anything going on offense either. This one's over.

I actually was that cocky. Which isn't really like me. I'm more "dicky" than anything, which is less agressive yet still irritating to others.


3rd Quarter

14:05 - D forces another 3 and out. Truly impressive performance out of these guys.

12:22 - The Packers are 6-6 on third downs so far. Favre just hit Jennings for 23 down the right sideline.

10:25 - BranJ takes a swing pass 12 yards for the TD. See what happens when you need a breather Ryan Grant? The other guy steals your TD's! BranJ blew the doors off the awesomely named Lofa Tatupu for the score. How do you spell Redemption? B-R-A-N-J.

How do you spell overuse of an old Anchorman joke? M-F.


3:36 - Wow. Marcus Pollard has a fumble in this game. He just now dropped an easy TD pass in the back corner of the end zone with no one on him. I find this to be particularly entertaining as the 'Hawks ran Jerramy Stevens out of town because he was a guy that made these same kinds of errors constantly. Josh Brown hits from 27.


:57 - On 3rd and 4, Ryan Grant breaks it outside for 42 yards off the left side. He's been absolutely huge in this game (minus the first 6 minutes). The snow has gone from being cute to actually being a solid storm at this point. It looks sweet. I love outdoor football (unless it's played in Bitchago, of course).

4th Quarter

13:26 - This is a freaking juggernaut at this point. Grant knocks it in from the 2 for his third TD of the game. A Packer playoff record. Which will go along nicely with his other record, most yards rushing in a Packer playoff game.


12:34 - The D forces another three and out. Wow. I haven't even had much to say because they're getting off the field so fast.

12:10 - Grant picks up 28 more yards right up the gut. He's over 200 on the day. Who saw that coming? More importantly, anyone want to tell us our running game's a problem? Anyone?

Actually I think Dr. Z of SI fame facetiously mentioned that something "unexpected" would happen so he sort of predicted 150 on the ground from Grant. I'll give him credit. Old guy's borderline nuts at this point so he deserves a bone.

9:15 - Hey Jon Ryan, how are you? Welcome to the game. Ryan hits his first punt of the day.

8:03 - Pollard misses another easy catch. Can he see? Is that the issue? I mean, it's snowing but it's not like this is affecting everyone. Are we not sure that he isn't blind? Did that last sentence make any sense at all?

3:00 - Favre gets pulled to a nice ovation. BranJ cleans up the rest of the game with a total of 40 yards on his own. 240 yards rushing and an easy win. Here we come NFC Championship game!




Anonymous said...

Haha. I liked this. Very enjoyable. Instead of the same ol' thing with straight up stats and numbers we don't always want to know about and no sense of humor, this seems to be a more human way of explaining things. We wouldn't talk to our friends or family members telling them unneeded stats and stuff. This makes more sense. Keep it up.

Butch said...

Great job MF. Bring on the G-men and their own BranJ, Brandon Jacobs. The battle of the BranJs!

Luckily we also have Ryan Grant. Who I believe was traded by the Giants for a 6th Round pick. How do you spell redemption? S-I-X-T-H.

Anonymous said...
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