Sunday, January 20, 2008

NFC Championship Game - Green Bay Packers (14-3) vs. New York Giants (13-6)

I had a Game Recap all written out. Lots of notes and tidbits and comments from the game as it happened. But frankly I don't want to revisit this one. Also, my doctors have informed me it's a bad idea to exert myself after just having gone through 4 heart attacks in the past 4 hours. So I'll leave you with these thoughts.

  • We didn't deserve to win.
  • The offense generally looked like the steaming piles my dog, Apollo, leaves on my lawn.
  • We never bothered to cover Plaxico Burress.
  • We never pressured Eli "Panic" Manning.
  • The Giants tried to give us this game repeatedly and we simply would not take it. They intercept us, but turn it right back. They fumble the punt return, we can't recover. They willingly employ Grey Ruegamer. The list goes on.
  • We are not a good cold weather team.
  • We played on our heels from the first snap.
  • We have a bright future, which is very difficult to remember since the recent past gave me a bunch of heart attacks and the present means watching the Patriots complete a perfect season.
  • I like this team enough to refer to it as "we" when I don't actually play the game or receive a paycheck from the organization.
  • Joe Buck is undoubtedly the biggest douche on the planet. Dude? Dude!
  • It was a bad decision on my part to open all the windows and doors in the house for the game.
  • This team is a legit contender next year if Favre comes back, the youngsters improve and we can upgrade our secondary and O line.
  • My wife looks sexy in my old Reggie White jersey.
  • We were lucky to get into overtime.
  • Brett Favre didn't lose this game for us.
  • But he didn't win it either.
  • I still like him.
  • The sun will come out tomorrow, but it'll still be bitchass cold outside.

That's it for me kids. I'll be back at some point to recap the season, which on a whole was great. I was hoping for a wild card and we were one lucky play from the Super Bowl. I'm disappointed as hell, but if you take it all into account it was still a good year.

To everyone who stopped by the booth this year we want to say "thanks." We appreciate it. In the next year you'll see a new web design, a lot more consistent posts and some other cool stuff we can't quite share with you just yet. But again, thank you for checking us out. Have a good one.

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