Monday, December 10, 2007

Mike Mac's Domination Machine

Oakland Raiders (4-8) at Green Bay Packers (10-2)

Lambeau Field - Kevin Harlan and Rich Gannon in the booth. The always fantastic Ed Hochuli reffing the game.

KGB, Chuck Woodson and Brett Favre all return to the lineup.

There were some entertaining moments in the Packer's dominating win over the Raiders, here's what stood out to me.

  • Will Blackmon may just have a future in the league. His punt return for a TD (kinda) was terrifying and easy all at the same time. When the return man decides to catch the ball on the run in traffic I usually scream something that sounds like a little girl watching her favorite doll get eaten by a pitbull "nooooooooo." But a few moves later we had a TD (kinda) on the board. He also was involved in the tackle and fumble recovery of for a TD (for real) in the end zone. Blackmon may just be one of those guys who has "it."
  • Early in the game the Packers weren't finishing drives and Favre looked to be about 100 years old after taking a hit to the legs. The cold didn't look like much fun. Kevin Harlan basically pleaded for Rich Gannon to dissect his game, his injury, etc. Y'know, provide the QB's perspective sort of thing. Gannon either didn't understand that he should provide some analyis or just steadfastly refused. He eventually muttered something about Favre loving the cold. Harlan was clearly annoyed that he couldn't get a real answer. Even my dog was embarrassed for him. And my dog licks places on himself that pretty much forgo any possible shame you can put on a guy, so that tells ya something.
  • Jam Russell doesn't like the cold. They showed the Raider's QB of the future on the sidelines. Perhaps he was auditioning for the role of Snake Eyes in the new GI Joe movie or something. Completely bundled up with just a small slit for his eyes exposed to the elements. I know he wasn't playing but that wasn't a real positive sign.
  • This Packer team is legitimately good. We got 14 points from special teams (solid returns AND good coverage), scored 24 points on offense (and left 6-10 points on the field, easy) and didn't give up anything on D other than one drive where Jerry Porter had to be perfect to pull the ball away from Al Harris, who was covering him perfectly. This game could have easily been 44-3.
  • Ryan Grant can play. I know the Raiders have a terrible Run D, but 156 yards is 156 yards. It's nice to see us rolling up the running game as the weather turns craptacular. I've gone from worrying about him, to feeling surprised about him, to feeling really dang good about the guy in just 8 weeks. If he keeps this up I may have to show up for a vicious fanny slap on him like Favre gave Juice Coston after the Don Lee TD.
  • Speaking of the fanny slap, I know people hate the incredibly tired "Favre has fun out there" mantra but I'd be lying if I didn't rewind that on the Tivo and show the wife. She loves that sort of stuff. Personally I just find it entertaining when Juice Coston turns around, sees Brett with a goofy grin on his face and then starts laughing.
  • Nick Barnett's a stud. He doesn't seem to get much credit but the guy makes tackles all over the place. He rocked McCown's world repeatedly and made a number of tackles in the backfield to keep the Raiders down.
  • Most of all, it was nice to see a crappy team come to town and just KNOW that the Packers were going to win. The final score is just another reason to feel good. It wasn't close. It was never close. The Packers calmly stood on the Raiders throats until the whistle blew. This team looks damn good.


Brent Schoonover said...

This was a game that had me smiling from ear to ear nealy the whole game. It's not crazy to think we have three more straight games coming that can be just like this.


Anonymous said...

from the sports guy:

During yet another John Madden fawning session over Hines Ward last Sunday, I got to wondering -- if Brett Favre somehow threw a touchdown pass to Hines Ward, would Madden have an orgasm on the air? If so, would he break it down for us? 'Boom, right there!'

MF said...

why is it brett favre's fault that lazy announcers have a mancrush on him? shouldn't you be mad at madden, not at favre?

Butch said...

How about those Eagles! Do you think the Panthers or Redskins have a shot at getting us home field?

All I want for Christmas: Carolina to beat Dallas on Saturday night, so we go into Sunday's game against Da Bears knowing if we win, the road to the Super Bowl goes through Lambeau.

Anonymous said...

It's Bear Week !! Where's the excitement??