Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Golden Mullet Awards-Pack vs. Vikings

What a win for the Pack, are you kidding me? Just when I think the Vikings couldn't hit another low point....the boat....the playoff blowout in NY (55-0)...the Moss moon...they hit rock bottom, again. They lose 34-0 in Green Bay, and their only good player leaves the field broken. We still have a long way to go to be a great team, but let's enjoy this win.


Perfect game by Favre. Three touchdowns, no picks, and over 300 yards once again.

Running Back:

Grant had over 100 yards and scored a touchdown....against one of the best running defenses in the NFL. Awesome.


A few dropped passes, but as a whole, this group was super awesome.

Special Teams:

Field goals and good field position, all we need now is Desmond back there. Get Woodson out before he gets hurt already.


The best preference all year by the gang green.


McCarthy made Childress look like a chump...I'm sure glad Childress picked the Vikings, that was close.

Viking Fans:

You guys are treading on thin ice. You're only days away from not selling out your next home game, your stadium blows, and you wear purple. Did I mention that I don't like the Viking fans? I just hope that your team doesn't move because you're not worthy of supporting the Pack. You deserve exactly what you got. Kinda makes you miss Tice now, doesn't it.

We've been lucky. We've won games that were close, and most things have gone our way. But, we have to make the most of this fast start. Even if we stumble a bit, getting to the playoffs is no longer the only goal, it's getting home field advantage. Now is the time when the team must stand together, get bigger, get better, get stronger, and become a team that's worthy of 8-1. We've been given a chance at greatness, now is the time seize the opportunity.

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