Friday, November 09, 2007

Golden Mullet Awards-Pack vs. Chiefs

Another amazing win on the road. Even during the Packers Super Bowl years in the late 90's they would have lost this game. So far this team is playing with a lot of guts and a bit of pixie dust. Let's hope this lasts until the end of the season.


Another great day by Favre. He did throw a couple of picks, but he made the right throws when he needed to. It's great to see the long ball, I hope it lasts.

Running Backs:

What running backs? Somehow they still fool the defense's with the play action, so that's good.


This group has really come together, they actually play like a team!


A great performance. It was nice to see Woodson with the TD, and Hawk with the interception.

Special Teams:

Solid as usual.


This guy has put together the best road record yet for the Packers...ever.

Larry Johnson:

It was great to see after his TD dance (which he should have been fined for) that he hurt his foot. That's what John Lennon would call Instant Karma.

Look at us, 7-1. Pretty, pretty good. Up next we have the Vikes in a game that would she be able to handle. It's time for us to turn up the heat, don't sit back, let's fight fight fight! Skol Pack Skol!

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