Friday, November 02, 2007

Golden Mullet Awards-Pack vs. Broncos

What a win for the Pack. 6-1....and we are getting tons of mail from jealous Bear and Viking fans. It's tough to sort threw it all. Keep them coming, I can almost feel the tears when I get them. On the awards.


Perfect. Favre hasn't looked this good in years. I love the bomb to win the game...Tom Brady who?

Running Back:

Grant gets four for breaking 100 yards for the first time ever. That was amazing, let's do more of that.


They got most of what was thrown at them. Driver was a little quiet, but I guess he had more men on him then Kent Hrbek would ever dream of.


Bend but don't break.

Special Teams:

Solid, but who cares....Favre won the game!


A tough win on the road in a tough environment. Not only that, but he beat the genius that beat us in Super Bowl XXXII. Holmgren who?


The Colorado Rockies want to trademark that word, but I think the Pack should. After the Rockies mile high collapse, the next night the mighty Broncos fell victim to the Pack. It's too bad that Rocktober is over, maybe it's time for Packvember.

6-1 looks pretty good, but what looks great is seeing the Vikings and the Bears in the bottom of our division. We've got a long way to go to be playoff contenders, but a fast start helps. Let's keep the offense rolling and tighten up on the defense...on to K.C.

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