Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Rocktober Fest

Pack finally wins one in Denver! Favre came alive and brought a little bitty running game with him as they beat the Broncos in OT.

Here are some good articles.

Rocky Mountain News
ESPN's John Clayton
Denver Post

16 more wins like this, and we'll be even for Super Bowl XXXII.


Anonymous said...

no interceptions either!

Anonymous said...

Come November 29th, millions of fans will be excluded from viewing the Packers-Cowboys game due to the dispute between cable companies and NFL Network. Contact your local legislator and urge him/her to sign on as a co-sponsor to the FAN Act Legislation, which would set up a neutral arbiter to settle these situations.

For more information on FAN Act, please see: http://www.thewheelerreport.com/releases/Oct07/oct30/1030hansenfan.pdf.

MF said...

Or just man up and get DirecTV. The best way to get cable companies to realize you're serious is to stop paying them money when they refuse to give you what you want.

If you're a midwest sports fan you get the NFL Network, Big 10 Network and the option of the Sunday Ticket. Cable offers none of these. It's pretty easy to see that cable just flat out sucks.

Majikman said...

Here's a good article about what Anonymous brought up.


if that link doesn't work, it was in Espn Page 2.