Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Golden Mullet Awards-Pack Vs. Vikings

4-0! How do you like that! It's always a joy to beat the Vikings, but to do it in the dome and to jump ahead in the division, totally awesome dude.


Favre was amazing once again. I hate to see it, but he puts the offense on his back and pulls them to victory. He breaks the record, throws for over 300 yards, throws two touchdowns, and best of all, no picks! PERFECT!


Jennings had a great game, but I feel like Driver could have done a little better. But over all, pretty, pretty good.

Running Backs:

They got nothing. Where's Ahman? I'd even take Mike Sherman back there over these guys.

Special Teams:

The field goals were great, but I feel like we gave up too many yards to the Vikings on kick returns.


Did you see Al Harris? He was on fire. Overall, pretty good, but they still gave up a hundred yards to that stupid Viking rookie.


Mike crafted a great game, not balanced at all, but still great. He got the Pack to beat the Vikes in the dome, and.....4-0.

Viking Fans:

Skol Vikings, Skol!

Great win boys, but we got a long ways to go. We just got to keep the momentum up. Go Pack Go!

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