Thursday, October 18, 2007

Golden Mullet Awards-Pack vs. Redskins

Sloppy, sloppy game. But we have a couple weeks to digest it thanks to the bye. Now let's see who comes out a winner Cheese and Packers style.


I don't care that he had some close calls in the end zone, I'm looking at results here. Two picks and not enough yards. Sure a wins a win but come on, we gotta start building something here. We're not the Vikings!

Running Backs:

I wish I could give less than one here. I would settle for Hershell Walker right about now. Fix this!


I'm getting bored with average.


Is four too much? Finally the defense stepped up a bit, they won the game for our team. Who needs a running game, the Vikings?

Special Teams:

Missed field goals come on! Get good already.


Let's give Mike a bit of credit here. He beat a good time with a poor Favre performance. I like wins, even ugly ones.

Vikings Stupid Running Back:

I'm jealous.

Bears Defense:

That was awesome. Go Bears! Can you play any worse?

Well, we're a good team, but I'm looking for great. We got to step up our running game, fine more consistency in our passing, and tighten up on defense. Oh, and get better on special teams. Is that too much to overcome?

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