Monday, September 10, 2007

They are who we thought they were!

True, the title of this post is overdone. True, the software we use ate my original post sometime around midnight. Also True, I am a little bitter about that last one.

So, given that the game recap post will have to wait a few days. I'm sorry but the pause will be worth it. Or perhaps not. I make no claims.

Going into this first game the overriding themes of various blogs, comments and articles in what the old timers like to call "the papers" we were told again and again that A) The defense must carry us. B) The running game can only be described, well tell you what, when they start running the ball I'll come up with a name for it. It's hard to name something that doesn't exist*. C) Favre and the kids need to get what they can and avoid the big mistakes.

I think we're 3 for 3 here people. Which is pretty much what we thought, yes? See, the title was totally warranted for this post. I wouldn't use it if it wasn't. Glad we cleared that up. You could also add to the "they are who we thought they were" heading a few more items from the NFL world.

Philly - Common perception is that it's a bad idea to not have anyone capable of fielding a punt. Much as we thought, the lack of punt returners with ability/experience/etc does have a negative impact on the ol' winning percentage.

New England - Completely revamping the wide receiver corps from a bad group to a good group is a good choice. Also, when Tom Brady has enough time to walk leisurely to the sideline for a sip of gatorade, walk back to the pocket and decide "Hey, maybe I should chuck it 60 yards to Moss." it may be an indication that the O-Line is pretty good. These Patriot fellows seem pretty good.

Detroit - Winning a shootout against the worst offense in the NFL last year (other than the Vikings) is pretty much right what we thought. They'll score points and they'll give 'em up all day and all night.

I have more but I'm currently researching why in the hell Andy Reid was wearing a full, black snowsuit at the game yesterday. This needs to be answered. He's 300 pounds! He can't be cold! Long sleeves alone would be pushing it but he was wearing full on Arctic gear. I guess that stupid commercial is right, it is Always Sunny in Philadelphia.

*I mean, other than mythology, which is sort of entirely based on naming things that don't exist. But other than that my comment was spot on.


Butch said...

How do you think Moss would have looked in green and gold yesterday? I still hate the guy, but damn.

As for Andy Reid's snowsuit, that's one of Gregg Easterbrook's theories on Tuesday Morning Quarterback. "Cold Coach = Victory."

MF said...

Moss would have been nice. I hate the guy too but when it comes to catching deep passes he's still the shiznit.

I've seen TMQ's theory on the cold coach and I sorta agree. But, speaking as a big guy myself, I just can't imagine a scenario in which I would wear that outfit on a nice day.

I don't even start wearing a coat until it drops below 40 degrees. It's not because I'm tough (though I'm all man, obviously) it's because I'm not cold. I just can't wrap my mind around it.