Tuesday, September 18, 2007

The Golden Mullet Awards-Pack Vs. Giants


What is vintage Favre? Add three touchdowns and some kick ass and there you go.


Pretty, pretty good. Driver was on board, the tight ends showed up....nice.

Running Backs:

They could be worse, at least they scored a few touchdowns.


They play with fire and emotion. How about that for game two?

Special Teams:

One missed field goal, but we seemed pretty good everywhere else. Come on Bing, you gotta make those!


He still needs to find a running game, but a big win on the road. How does he do it with the talent on this team?

Giant Stadium:

What a dump of a stadium. The dome makes that place look good.

Great game by the Pack. Our offense found some life, and our defense and special teams are playing solid. And how about Favre betting Elway for most wins ever by a quarterback....who's Johnny?

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