Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Golden Mullet Awards-Pack Vs. Chargers


Favre was simply amazing. Three touchdowns, no interceptions, and tied Mario for the all-time touchdown record. Is it too early to say MVP?

Running Backs:

Big suck. This backfield couldn't be worse if we had Darrel Tompson back there!


Driver once again had a big day, and Jennings came through huge in the end.


They were great against the run, but not as amazing versus the pass. They also didn't force a ton of turnovers which makes me sad.

Special Teams:

Solid. Once field goal, didn't make any mistakes. They are the most consistent so far this year. Yeah, quote me on that.


So he made a few questionable calls, but come on here, he has now led the Pack to a 3-0 record and just beat the Chargers. What more do you want from me?


This guys wheels are just about done. Now trade him to the Packers for a low draft pick.

Chargers Fans:

I live in Southern California, and I still haven't met a Chargers fan.

What a game for the Pack. We're 3-0 and rolling. We've met every challenge this season, and have many more along the way. It's pretty amazing how far we've come....but we still have a long way to go. Strap you chin straps on Pack, it's gonna be 19 games this year!

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Butch said...

I'd feel so much better about this team if we had a decent RB. I know in-season trades are rare in the NFL, but can't we get Steven Jackson from the 0-3 Rams, or Warrick Dunn from the 0-3 Falcons?