Friday, September 07, 2007

10 - 6

The Breakdown

I'm feeling kinda invincible right now. Here's why...

The Offense

QB - I see Favre having his best year since 2004 when he put 4,000 yards, 30 TDs and just 17 picks. I don't see all of those numbers but I can definitely see something like 3,800 yards, 25 TDs and 15 picks. I think with the questions in the running game the team will throw as much as last year. With the improvement at the #3 receiver spot and the questions at running back I can see them throwing the ball more in the Red Zone, which means a few more TD passes for #4.

RB - I liked Morency in short bursts quite a bit last year. If Brandon Jackson can split time with him and keep them both fresh then I can see us having a decent running game. Is it really a stretch that each guy runs for about 600 yards and 4-5 TD's? When people are questioning the Packers running game they act as if they won't be able to run for more than 30 yards a game. I just don't see that. If this group can just get to the league average I think the offense will be more than enough to get into the playoffs.

WR - Here's where my hatred for pre-season games catches up with me. I haven't really seen much of James Jones. Everyone keeps on telling me he looks great but at this point I'm treating it like a blind date. You can tell me the girl's pretty, smart, fun and all that and it won't mean a thing if I don't see it myself.

TE - Donald Lee and the re-animated corpse of Bubba Franks. I could have sworn Bubba was buried around the 1 yard line where he fumbled against the Vikings last year. Maybe that would have messed up the heating system for the grass this year or something though? Hopefully he looks a little more like Samuel L. Jackson in Pulp Fiction rather than the Samuel L. Jackson of say, Black Snake Moan*.

O-Line - All it took was a half season or so wasted in order to get these guys up to speed. Now they're considered a strength. Compare your feelings for this group now with how you felt after the Bear game in week 1 of last year. Seriously. I think we'll be okay.

The Defense

D-Line - As they keep on telling me, "it all starts up front." We have roughly 19 guys in the rotation and I think I like all of them. I kinda feel like I should pick one to hate just so I don't seem like too much of a softie. Nuts to you Muir! Nuts to you all day! There, much better. For the first time since Reggie left I feel like the D-Line is a legit strength. It's about time.

Linebackers - I like all these guys. Hawk's speed, Barnett's intensely lame sword thingy, Poppinga's um, uh, name? I don't know why I like Brady I just know I do. The backups scare me but then, that's why they're backups right?

Secondary - We've got two old men on islands and two young guys trying to help them out. Is this a cheesy movie plot or the 2007 Green Bay Packer secondary? It could be both. For my money I'll take Morgan Freeman and James Earl Jones as the old guys with Will Smith and perhaps Taye Diggs as the young guys. And if you're looking for white guys in my pretend movie keep on searching, I'm not rolling with 4 whiteys in the secondary.

Special Teams - They can't be worse than last year.

The Wrapup

I see improvement on the O-Line, Wide Receiver, D-Line, Linebackers, Secondary and Special Teams (by default). I think the QB and Running Backs will be slightly better and slightly worse than last year. Add it all up and I can see a wild card in our future. I feel good about it. Now let's kick this pig.

*Yes I saw Black Snake Moan just because the title was creepy yet provocative. It's good, check it out.

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