Monday, August 13, 2007


Okay people, it's on like Donkey Kong. I make no bones about being absolutely bored stiff during the offseason. Fortunately I've got a wife, dog, friends, family, books, movies, HBO TV shows, etc to fill the void of actual football during that time. But now, well, we're almost back. I'm fired up for it.

I have a rule, a very simple rule and you should know it if you're going to make this site a daily visit throughout your year. I can't possibly start posting regularly until the prettiest of all the draft picks signs his contract and reports to camp. Thank God Brady Quinn finally signed his. I'm 72% certain that he used a Hello Kitty pen to do the deed.

Is anyone else excited to watch Mr. Manpretty try to play the role of savior in Cleveland? Cleveland people. Where the term "6 pack abs" means that the person in question just finished 6 beers, not that they have washboard muscles.

I'm indifferent to Quinn in general but I can tell you this, if he makes the choice to own that town I might just get on the bandwagon. Of course, "owning" the town means that he has to really work to release his inner Bernie Kosar. I'm talking about letting go of the perfected hair helmet that's messy but not actually messy but he wants girls to think he doesn't care about his hair so it's still a little messy, messy. I'm talking about knocking out a quasi-permed mullett. Growing a killer 'stache and hanging out at the beer halls and mocking his girl whenever he calls to tell her to come home. If he does that, well then hell, I might just be a Browns fan.

Don't worry, he won't do that.

Tomorrow, we discuss Wide Receivers, Ted Thompson and whether or not it's cool to call Jamarcus Russell "Jam" or not.

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