Thursday, June 21, 2007

I am not a guru of scheduling

Hey, a post! How about that? What should we talk about?

Barnett's arrest? Ugh. I've sat him down and explained that's not how we do things here at C&P HQ. He understands. What else is there? I'm not going to comment because inevitably a player gets nailed for some offense (in this case Battery) and it makes headlines. Then, a month later the witnesses prove unreliable, or Battery becomes some misdemeanor for public drunkenness or whatnot and it's underreported.

The player looks like a douchebag, gets some level of vindication and then looks like a douchebag again when he speaks about all the adversity he overcame this offseason. Self-made adversity should have a different name than your garden variety adversity from external sources. I suggest "dumbfuckery". Let's use it in a sentence.

Nick Barnett after coming off a 2 game suspension had this to say after the Packers thrilling win over the Chargers today "I really had to overcome a lot just to get here. My dumbfuckery in Appleton really hurt this team but I came back and proved I'm not a total idiot today, I just get a case of the DF's sometimes."

Much was made of LeBron's plans for a 13,000 square foot expanse of a home with a barbershop, casino and sportsbar on the grounds. But after reading this story for the 19th time in the past month can you really blame him for not wanting to leave the house? Or compound? What kind of square footage is the minimum to qualify as a compound? I'm saying 10k with at least a pool and tennis/basketball court on the grounds.

Is there any incentive for players to leave the house anymore? Okay, there's one (or three if you want to get all technical).

But uh guys, they're probably willing to come to your house too. Just spitballin' here. Just runnin' it up the flagpole to see who salutes y'know? Give it a whirl - avoid jailtime, dropped soap jokes and stop learning lessons like "so how do I pay my own bond?" Your fans, family and friends will enjoy it.
Stay at home, build your own nightclub in the basement. You don't have to go home, but you can stay here.

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Anonymous said...

I'm a little confused by the pronunciation of the term "dumbfuckery"....when I try to say it, it sounds remarkably like "vikesfandom"...try it for your self....

sign me confused