Tuesday, May 15, 2007

So much drama in the LBC

Will he stay or will he go? This off season hasn't been the most fun on record....losing some name players (old and washed up), not drafting anyone very exciting, not signing anyone, and now this. It's time to put the baby drama behind us and move forward. Let's get into camp and start looking at what we have, not what we lost and might lose.

Put your cards in Favre and other Packer fans.

Are you in, or are you out?

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Anonymous said...

Ahhh-yes--the never-ending drama continues with the Harlan/Jones fiasco....
Will we ever really know what happened here??

Did Bob just not want to turn the reins over-? Was Jones really a problem? Was it something that surfaced in the past few months (hmmmmmm--during the draft/free agency period??)

If this has been a long-term problem (whatever this 'management concerns list IS) Why wait until just a handful of days before the alleged swap of power to bring it to the surface???

I am truly getting more than a little sick of all the BS thats oozing from 1265--whether it's tt/mm or this or the randi moth debacle or that (let's see--how to put this....) thought-provoking set of draft choices foisted onthe team by the General mismanager....

come on Packers-- let's quit embarassing the organization and act like a big-time group.....let's try to act like some one in that upper echelon MIGHT be accountable (hey stockholders--here's where YOU come in--go to the meeting--demand some answers...)

PLEASE, let's notlet the Packers sink to the level of the vikings and their "triangle of dysfunction"