Monday, April 02, 2007

This is a test...

This is a test of the emergency superfan system. Anyone reading a Packer website on Opening Day for baseball (a day that should be a national holiday if there is a just God) would be included in the Superfan System Search.

Anyone reading a Packer website during the climax of March Madness (er, April Madness...dammit people let's make sure our catchphrases match up with our schedules huh?) is included in the Superfan database.

Anyone reading a Packer website that has been spotty at best in posts in the past few weeks would also qualify for Superfan status.

Truth be told Superfan status is actually pretty easy to acquire. A guy wearing a Packers hat AND a Packers shirt or any other second clothing item would qualify. Anyone wearing these items AND Packers-themed Zubaz from 1987 or so is automatically crowned King of all Superfans. Regrettably it is a hotly contested throne.

Anywho, as we near the draft at the end of this month we'll be cycling up our Packer coverage (and also Packer make-believe coverage...obviously). We're pretty geeked about it. So, to all you Superfans out there thanks for keeping your pants on (Zubaz...again, obviously). The women and children of America thank you for your patience with the whole pants thing. Mostly the children.

For tonight, enjoy those other sports. Baseball's 6 shades of awesome. Basketball isn't. But hey I like the college kids so I'll cut 'em some slack.

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Packman said...

I also feel like a Superfan when I use my Packer credit card (which is my main credit card) and wear a Packer t-shirt.

-Or when I mail things to the Packers and use my credit card (the mail man things I'm cool).

-Or when I buy Packer related things with my Packer credit card. Notice a theme here. Don't get a Packer credit card.