Sunday, April 22, 2007

Restart the Clock

So I'm a little bummed today. Maybe it's the steady drizzle of rain that's doing it. Maybe it's that this is perfect napping weather but if I lay down I think of all the stuff I could be doing. Mostly I think that the Draft is this Saturday.

I know, it's something to look forward to, and I am, but it's almost like I have a premature case of buyer's remorse. I'm not so concerned with who we will draft. I like to make fun of Ted Thompson because he looks like a Madame Tussaud wax figure if they made characters for things like "Definition of Befuddled" or "If I couldn't speak but needed to convey to you that I had recently taken a dump in my pants I would make this face!" But it should be noted that I think Ted does a good job in the draft, he just looks silly while he does it.

I realized recently that really the Draft doesn't answer anything for us. It just restarts the clock. We have this week to daydream about very large men fulfilling their dreams. After that though, we're back to waiting again. Sure there are mini-camps and training camp and random quotes from scouts saying that our 5th round pick is a steal and our 2nd rounder has "poor hip swivel" or some other nonsense. But all these things are a poor substitute for the real games.

Maybe this wouldn't matter if I could get into other sports. But I can't. The NHL and the NBA are a joke. It's just football and baseball (and y'know, the wife and dog and work and friends and family, I suppose that should be mentioned) for this kid. So I pay attention to the draft. I plan on watching the first day festivities and thanks to the power of Tivo I plan on catching the highlights of day two. It's all I've got.

So while there's a very real letdown after all of this is said and done I'm still happy to go through with it. It's something. It's new. And of course, this draft gives all the fans a chance to dream about surprising people and winning it all. It may not be realistic, but it's possible, and that's all I need.


Anonymous said...

Yeah the draft really doesn't matter does it. Not for a team whose average age is geriatric. Especially loved the Brandon Jackson pick.

See you guys in ten years? Maybe more.

Anonymous said...

Always fun to hear from the ignorant, unwashed masses. Must be a queens fan, because, even with the ignorance level of the average Bears fan-they would know that Green Bay fields one of the youngest teams in the NFL...but then what do you expect from a group who it THRILLED about drafting a guy with a broken collarbone.......^((&*heads....