Thursday, March 08, 2007

This one hurts

The Packers released William Henderson yesterday. I am aggrieved. I knew this day was coming so I'm not really complaining, his prime was long since past and a Fullback has only so many years in the league to begin with. But...well, I was hoping to see the article about him being released. That's okay. But I was also hoping to see something like "William Henderson joins the Packer Pregame show" or "Henderson set to be quality control manager for team next year" or something along those lines.

He just seems like he should be in the Packer family for a long time. Like little LeRoy Butler and Edgar Bennett, he just seems like someone that you should have a chance to run into when going out for a slice of pie or grabbing the newspaper in Green Bay. Maybe the announcement is forthcoming. Maybe he'll go be a Chief or a Jaguar for a year or two. I wish him the best.

Personally I hope he considers some role on television. He was smooth and knowledgeable in last year's draft coverage for the NFL Network. Maybe they have something for him. I think the team made the right decision in letting him go, it was time, and I also hope for selfish reasons never to see him in another uniform.

Fans get all uppity about a player's career when it's a superstar but I think it would hurt just as much to see Henderson opening holes in Baltimore or Oakland. But then I'm a sentimental fella sometimes.

The backfield's gonna be a whole lot different next year. That's probably a good thing but I'd be lying if I said I wasn't hoping for one more year of Ahman and Hendu.

It was a good run boys.


Packman said...

I'm not so hurt by it. His last good year was in the 90's, so I'm not crying too much. He was great, I do like him, and he will be missed though.

Anonymous said...

He was the personificatin of what I thought of when I thought of the Green Bay Packers---played hard, played clean--didn't while and asked to be put back ONTO special teams when he didn't feel he was involved enough in the games.....

he'll leave a BIG hole....