Monday, March 05, 2007

Mike Sherman is at it again!

I think it's pretty well understood that the Green Bay running game has had it's struggles the past couple of years. Not horrible necessarily (at least this year) but pretty bad. Samkon Gado, Ahman Green and company didn't exactly blow people's doors off as the leading rushers the last two years. But hell if that will stop Mike Sherman from trying to acquire all of 'em in his ongoing effort to make sure the Texans remain terrible.

I realize Sherman's not the man at the top but c'mon, he HAD to have something to do with Ahman Green signing with the Houston Houstonians didn't he? Who else guarantees $7 million to a running back who has had some horrific injuries, is on the wrong side of 30, wasn't able to suit up for all 16 games last year, had some domestic abuse issues AND got outplayed by Vernand Freakin' Morency late in the year?

This isn't really a rant against Sherman, he's the Harris County Harris Countians problem now. I'm just blown away by this move on their part. I loved Ahman as a Packer but we all knew he was wearing down. The burst that Morency had in late season wins showed just how slow Ahman was moving by then. I would have liked him back, but only with an incentive-laden deal like he signed last year.

I don't quite understand the move on his part either. He could have finished his career in a solid mix with Morency and a third guy (preferably young and not on the team yet) and topped the Packer's all time leader board in yards. He could have gone his whole life without having to worry about buying a drink for himself in Green Bay. He would have been loved forever.

Now? Well now he's part of a team that, to this point in their existence, has only been notable for having their cheerleaders wear red leather hooker boots. Which is great of course but probably somewhat less than what the ownership was hoping for when they dropped a billion dollars on the deal.

I'm glad the Packers didn't overpay to keep Ahman. I just wish he realized what he's giving up in going to Houston. Like wins, a legacy, some records, breathable air, etc. On a related note, my heavy, mouth-breathing urges are now torn between the TE Greg Olson and a RB in the first round. I hope they go TE because they're tougher to find but things just got a little more interesting.


Packman said...

I'm way different then M.F. Pack. I wear it all on my sleeve, I dream in colors. I can't even begin to tell you how bummed I I made a picture of a rainbow.

Anonymous said...

I really think he knew exactly what he was doing--he can come in, have a couple of productive seasons in Houston (cushioned by the dollars that tt was unwilling to give him--instead reserving them for quality guys like Koren Robinson or randi moss) and be a hero--instead of hanging out in Green Bay, being underpaid and not liked very much while the rest of the team implodes from the infglux of moss negativity or the retirement of #4..... I'm thinking this was a good move for him.....

Packman said...

But what about me! I think he should have hung around like William Henderson. Packer 4 life. But that's just me. I'm emotional right now.

Thanks for the comment!

MF said...

I disagree. Chmura's inability to keep his pants on around high school girls didn't change my opinion of his teammates, it just changed what I thought about him.

So if KoRo or Moss comes in and they're idiots why would that change Ahman? He'd still be the all-time leading rusher of the coolest franchise in the NFL. Sure the team might tank when Favre might retires, they might even be as bad as oh, I don't know, the Houston Texans. I think he blew it. I'm happy he's getting his money and I wish him well but he could have had so much more.