Thursday, March 29, 2007

Cheese and Packers back from Germany

To get a better view of the world, some of the members of Cheese and Packers went to Germany to taste their beer, cheese, and football. Turns out over there things are different. Football is soccer. I know everyone in the world knows that, but I just don't get it. Soccer is what I played when I was seven, when I had no skills. You run around a lot, kick the ball, and try to keep yourself interested in a very boring game. I can only imagine watching it. You people have no taste!

But for the cheese and beer, it's obvious that some cats from Germany came over to America and stopped in Wisconsin...they stole all our great beer!

Speaking of stealing....on a serious note, we have some thieves on the Internet. Everyone knows we are "CHEESE AND" why have I now stumbled upon I'm not giving the bastards the benefit of a link on our holy page, but all I can say is that's not being very original...and if anyone out there wants original content just keep that in mind, if you must leave this page please stop by our friends over on our links page, such as Packer Palace, Packer Verses Vikings, and Brats and Beer. Those cats deserve your attention, not cheese and packers wannabes.

The last thing on my mind is an article I just read about Tony Mandrich trying to become a pro photographer. That's a joke. The guy sucked at being a pro football player, and now he thinks he's good enough to snap pictures of others? Maybe at Wal-Mart. Perhaps he should work at Two wrongs might make a right.



Anonymous said...

Welcome back!

That's pretty lame Ole Da Cheesehead stole your name. Some people just have no respect, or they don't google things first.

Maybe you should call into to his call-in podcast show and let him know about it. (If you do, let us know so we can listen in.)

I appreciate the shoutout. Thanks!

Packman said...

Thanks for your support. I'll have to do that.