Friday, March 30, 2007

Bears Celebrate Good Times

Remember when Hester scored on the opening drive, and it seemed like it might be a very long night watching the Super Bowl? Re-live that nasty moment here at this Bears party, and you can even put yourself in the Packer fan's shoes who has to watch all these Bear fans celebrate. Some dude yells "The Claw...The Claw?". What the hell does that mean? Anyways, it's always fun to look back at that time...knowing what we know now. Bear down Bears!


Thursday, March 29, 2007

Cheese and Packers back from Germany

To get a better view of the world, some of the members of Cheese and Packers went to Germany to taste their beer, cheese, and football. Turns out over there things are different. Football is soccer. I know everyone in the world knows that, but I just don't get it. Soccer is what I played when I was seven, when I had no skills. You run around a lot, kick the ball, and try to keep yourself interested in a very boring game. I can only imagine watching it. You people have no taste!

But for the cheese and beer, it's obvious that some cats from Germany came over to America and stopped in Wisconsin...they stole all our great beer!

Speaking of stealing....on a serious note, we have some thieves on the Internet. Everyone knows we are "CHEESE AND" why have I now stumbled upon I'm not giving the bastards the benefit of a link on our holy page, but all I can say is that's not being very original...and if anyone out there wants original content just keep that in mind, if you must leave this page please stop by our friends over on our links page, such as Packer Palace, Packer Verses Vikings, and Brats and Beer. Those cats deserve your attention, not cheese and packers wannabes.

The last thing on my mind is an article I just read about Tony Mandrich trying to become a pro photographer. That's a joke. The guy sucked at being a pro football player, and now he thinks he's good enough to snap pictures of others? Maybe at Wal-Mart. Perhaps he should work at Two wrongs might make a right.


Friday, March 16, 2007

The Bear End

The creative forces behind Cheese and Packers just put the nail in the coffin of Super Bowl XLI. We finally finished our tribute to the 2006 Chicago Bears...and yes, they still suck.

Here's to you Bear fans!

Thursday, March 08, 2007

This one hurts

The Packers released William Henderson yesterday. I am aggrieved. I knew this day was coming so I'm not really complaining, his prime was long since past and a Fullback has only so many years in the league to begin with. But...well, I was hoping to see the article about him being released. That's okay. But I was also hoping to see something like "William Henderson joins the Packer Pregame show" or "Henderson set to be quality control manager for team next year" or something along those lines.

He just seems like he should be in the Packer family for a long time. Like little LeRoy Butler and Edgar Bennett, he just seems like someone that you should have a chance to run into when going out for a slice of pie or grabbing the newspaper in Green Bay. Maybe the announcement is forthcoming. Maybe he'll go be a Chief or a Jaguar for a year or two. I wish him the best.

Personally I hope he considers some role on television. He was smooth and knowledgeable in last year's draft coverage for the NFL Network. Maybe they have something for him. I think the team made the right decision in letting him go, it was time, and I also hope for selfish reasons never to see him in another uniform.

Fans get all uppity about a player's career when it's a superstar but I think it would hurt just as much to see Henderson opening holes in Baltimore or Oakland. But then I'm a sentimental fella sometimes.

The backfield's gonna be a whole lot different next year. That's probably a good thing but I'd be lying if I said I wasn't hoping for one more year of Ahman and Hendu.

It was a good run boys.

Monday, March 05, 2007

I'm Gonna Miss You

Mike Sherman is at it again!

I think it's pretty well understood that the Green Bay running game has had it's struggles the past couple of years. Not horrible necessarily (at least this year) but pretty bad. Samkon Gado, Ahman Green and company didn't exactly blow people's doors off as the leading rushers the last two years. But hell if that will stop Mike Sherman from trying to acquire all of 'em in his ongoing effort to make sure the Texans remain terrible.

I realize Sherman's not the man at the top but c'mon, he HAD to have something to do with Ahman Green signing with the Houston Houstonians didn't he? Who else guarantees $7 million to a running back who has had some horrific injuries, is on the wrong side of 30, wasn't able to suit up for all 16 games last year, had some domestic abuse issues AND got outplayed by Vernand Freakin' Morency late in the year?

This isn't really a rant against Sherman, he's the Harris County Harris Countians problem now. I'm just blown away by this move on their part. I loved Ahman as a Packer but we all knew he was wearing down. The burst that Morency had in late season wins showed just how slow Ahman was moving by then. I would have liked him back, but only with an incentive-laden deal like he signed last year.

I don't quite understand the move on his part either. He could have finished his career in a solid mix with Morency and a third guy (preferably young and not on the team yet) and topped the Packer's all time leader board in yards. He could have gone his whole life without having to worry about buying a drink for himself in Green Bay. He would have been loved forever.

Now? Well now he's part of a team that, to this point in their existence, has only been notable for having their cheerleaders wear red leather hooker boots. Which is great of course but probably somewhat less than what the ownership was hoping for when they dropped a billion dollars on the deal.

I'm glad the Packers didn't overpay to keep Ahman. I just wish he realized what he's giving up in going to Houston. Like wins, a legacy, some records, breathable air, etc. On a related note, my heavy, mouth-breathing urges are now torn between the TE Greg Olson and a RB in the first round. I hope they go TE because they're tougher to find but things just got a little more interesting.

Saturday, March 03, 2007

Links of the day

Here are a few articles about Ahman Green looking at other teams. Even though his tank is about empty, I would have to have him leave.

Denver Wants A Piece of Green
Green Begins Testing Market

Thursday, March 01, 2007

Some of what we've been up to

Cheese and Packers are trying to adjust to life in the off-season. This is not an easy thing. There's not a whole lot to talk about, and Cheese and Packers are not part of the rumor mill. So we are working on creating some kick-ass content for your viewing enjoyment. Currently we are recreating one of the greatest Super Bowls ever played, Super Bowl XLI. We should have it done by next week, so check back in to see it's unveiling. It's gonna be huge Tiny Elvis, HUGE!