Thursday, February 22, 2007

Well where the hell have you been?

All right, we're back in action. Well sort of. I mean, it's the offseason. I don't care how many times you hear about the NFL being a year-round sport and the draft and mini-camps and Pacman Jones lawsuits and KoRo lockups and whatnot I can see the point. But um, what the heck is there for me to write about?

This is the stuff that magicly seems to not matter when you're discussing launching a Packer fan site in August. You've got the whole season ahead of you. 17 weeks of guaranteed interest. Bored office workers, lonely fellas and sexy ladies (we all know Packers ladies are the hottest, it's the cheese) all rely on the big sites like espn and si and when they get REALLY bored they find their way down to us. For 4 months and change that adds up to 6 different shades of awesome.

But then the playoffs start and our boys are golfing in warm locales. Working on their contract extensions or filming bad commercials for local car dealerships. They're not exactly doing much of interest to football fans. I love Donald Driver with the white hot passion of a thousand suns but I don't really want to hear about him renting The Departed on DVD with his special ladyfriend. I certainly don't want to write about it.

Okay, that last sentence was a lie. I'd totally write about DD watching The Departed on DVD. Or, for his tax bracket I guess it would probably be a Bluray disc or HD-DVD. There's a poll question for ya. Which high definition format do you think Don rocks out at the homestead? I'm going with HD-DVD. I base this on nothing other than I love alliteration and being able to mock Bluray and Beta a couple years from now seems more appealing.

So where the hell was I? In this post or for the past few weeks? Well, simply put, it's February in Minnesota. I hate February. All my black friends get pissed at me for asking about their personal histories by the 6th or so. It's still cold. No holidays to look forward to. No, Valentine's Day doesn't count. For me it was the same as every Wednesday, just with more chocolate than normal.

So anyway - I hate February. And it feels the same about me. So I got the flu. Y'know, cuz I needed a reason to hate the world for a week or two. I'm over that and I have all kinds of energy now. But no where to use it because yeah, 30 degrees still isn't primo baseball playing weather. Not cool.

To catch up, I'm happy how the Al Harris deal got re-done. Not a bunch of b.s. years added to the back of the contract. Just a little more cash in his pocket for a job well done and the team didn't get effed in the a in the process. It's actually more fun to say it that way. Plus it's totally office appropriate. Assuming your boss doesn't know basic euphemisms. I claim no responsibility.

I'll be back with some research on the draft options in the coming weeks. I'm trying to sort out who I'm hoping to hear is the 16th pick in this year's draft. We sort of won the lotto last year with a guy who seems destined to dominate Green Bay for the next decade. Hopefully we'll come close to that.

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