Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Bears Cancel Parade

"MIAMI -- They're just a footnote now, the 2006 Chicago Bears. They're the team Peyton Manning beat for his first Super Bowl title -- his first title of any kind, in fact, be it high school, college or professional football.

They're the team Tony Dungy conquered to validate his Hall of Fame credentials and become the first black coach to win a Super Bowl.

The Bears are a happy memory to all of Indianapolis, which will embrace the 29-17 Super Bowl victory like a Bob Knight tirade. It might well have been 46-10, mind you, but the Bears clung to the Colts like fleas on a dog, somehow remaining within striking distance in the fourth quarter, only to be buried under another turnover avalanche.

Now it's all over. Cancel the parade. Set up the tee time.

''We're done,'' a team spokesman said when asked if there would be a season-ending news conference today or a consolation party Tuesday."

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