Monday, January 08, 2007

The Playoffs

Much has been said about the Packers and their worthiness in the postseason. Assuming, y'know, that they had made it. They didn't. Which is a little frustrating at this point. When it was finally official that the Packers weren't going anywhere at the end of the year except for their homes and maybe a famous island or two for the winter I wasn't initially bummed out. I mean, they were 8-8. They hadn't beaten a good team all year, it was fine.

But then I watched the damn Seahawks-Cowboys game and I'm all higgledy-piggledy. Did you watch that game? Can anyone say the Packers couldn't have beaten either of those teams? True, that says more about the overall crappiness of the Hawks and Boys but hey, it's all relative.

I'm not the insanely optimistic sort but I'm feeling pretty good about this team for next year. Whenever I start thinking this team might have a run in them before Favre rides off into the sunset I start to get a little twitchy. $25 million under the cap and a decent draft pick or two and this team can be a contender in the craptacular NFC. You people realize that the Bears are probably the best bet to make it to the super bowl right? And they are horribly flawed. Like the advice from a drunk uncle kind of flawed.

So, an upgrade or two in free agency, a savvy draft and this team may be the top of the NFC. True, beating the AFC team next year is not going to be easy. At least, if the current teams (San Diego, Indy, Baltimore and New England) maintain some semblance of their dominance that is. But hey, I think there's a saying about what can happen in any one game. It has something to do with a day of the week. I'm sure it'll come to you.

So it's official. I'm geeked. I know that you care.

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