Wednesday, January 03, 2007

The New Schedule

Well, that was entertaining was it not? Actually I don't totally know. I was up north in Two Harbors, Minnesota, for a New Year's Eve wedding. I've seen about 5 minutes of the Packer game and that was on the bar TV with no volume. It's oddly disconcerting to watch a Packer game with a soundtrack consisting of the Electric Slide emanating from the banquet room down the hall.

Anywho, thanks to modern technology I'll be watching the game in full tonight. Sorry for the lack of commentary, I know my game notes are probably the single coolest thing on this here internets. That last sentence was pretty much a lie.

In the coming weeks we'll be changing over to our offseason schedule. Which basically means we'll post whenever the team makes an important signing/draft pick/KoRo arrest detail. We'll also be commenting on the other teams still in the playoffs and general league news and, in what we hope will be a grand new tradition, we'll be reviewing the year for our favorite team.

I don't know exactly how the news will go, we'll probably operate pretty much as normal through the playoffs and then dial it down a bit for the offseason. I do know this, you won't hear any speculation on a certain fellow's possible retirement here until he checks the "yes" or "no" box. I don't think anyone wants to hear anymore about that decision, but if they do I'm sure there are ample sites where that sort of stuff is going on.


Anonymous said...

Two Harbors???? I'm from Duluth--where are you headquartered??

Anonymous said...

Well said.